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Port Said (158)
Saint-Petersburg (142)
Kaliningrad (53)
Murmansk (49)
Novorossiysk (41)
18 January 2007
15:00seaSeaNews Club materialMarket review, week 3
Tankers Rates for VLCC's in the MEG increased further the past week as there was a limited amount of Double hull tonnage awailable for cargoes in play and the rates are presently at ws 82,50 for far East and ws 57,50 for western destinations.
Rating: 1872
21 December 2006
15:39seaSeaNews Club materialMarket review, week 51
Tankers Even though there was a substantial amount of VLCC fixing in the MEG, this did little more than keep previous low rate levels from falling because there are just to many vessels available and not enough cargoes to significantly diminish their number; given the approach of the holidays, owners will have to look to the coming year for any changes.
Rating: 1579
26 October 2006
11:34seaSeaNews Club materialMarket Review, week 43
Tankers It was steady but slow going for VLCCs in the MEG, and owners have been unable to make any significant headway on rates due to the fact that good tonnage availability still strongly favors charterers.
Rating: 1083
21 September 2006
11:03seaSeaNews Club materialMarket Review, Week 38
Tankers Backed by steady demand in the VLCC market owners managed to turn rates in their favour.
Rating: 1353
7 September 2006
19:21seaSeaNews Club materialContents of SeaNews Weekly 2006 analytical bulletin
2006 SeaNews Weekly No 150 FROM EDITORS When you are in Australia, swim the Nile PORTS' STATISTICS Big port of St.Petersburg posts statistics in the 6 months of 2006; Murmansk port operations in January-June 2006; Kaliningrad port turnover in 6 months of 2006; RAILWAY Coal rail export towards the ports in 6 months of 2006; Timber rail transportation towards the ports in 6 months of 2006; FREIGHT MARKETS Reefer cargo transportation in the North-Western ports in the 6 months; Ferrous metals turnover via the Russian, Baltic and Ukrainian ports in January-June 2006. TRENDS Throughput of some of the ports of the Far East in H1 2006. SeaNews Weekly No 147 WEEK EVENTS Wandering zones of luck PORTS' STATISTICS Novorossiysk port complex operation in H1 2006; Rostov port operations in January-June 2006; Temryuk and Kazkaz ports turnover in 6 months of 2006; Azov port operations in January-June 2006.
Rating: 17146
30 January 2006
17:17Port SaidSeaNews Club materialThroughput of Murmansk
In 2005 the Murmansk port handled 29,943.1 th.tons of cargo.
Rating: 1938
20 January 2006
14:45Saint-PetersburgSeaNews Club materialBanana Rates Up
In early 2006 the rates for the reefers transportation was up a bit. "Amfitrite" (1982) was chartered for $4.25 per a fruit box by CoMaCo to transport bananas from Ecuador to the Eastern Mediterranean.
Rating: 1952
28 November 2005
13:40Port SaidSeaNews Club materialThroughput of Murmansk Port
In January-October 2005 the throughput of the Murmansk port amounted to 24,877.9 th.tons of cargo.
Rating: 1515
25 November 2005
10:38containerSeaNews Club materialSeatrade Scores All-Time Reefer High
Seatrade Groningen has sealed a long-term charter deal with fruit shipper Geest at an all-time industry high. Brokers say the Netherlands-based company has achieved a record-breaking level of around $0.95 per cbf for 4 of its Santa-class reefers. The 463,000-cbf "Santa Maria" and "Santa Lucia" (both built 1999) and "Santa Catharina" (built 2000) are set to earn around $14,690 per day each in 2006, while the 456,700-cbf "Cold Stream" (built 1994) is set to garner around $14,465 per day. Brokers say the quartet have always commanded a premium because of the vessels' on-deck container capacity, which suits Geest's mixed-transport needs.
Rating: 1853
24 June 2005
11:54containerSeaNews Club materialSeaNews Weekly No 96
PORT STATISTICS: St.Petersburg port stevedores in H1 2005; Leningrad oblast ports in H1 2005. RAILWAY Here come 20 more! CARGO MARKETS Metal handling by the ports of the North-west in 5 months of 2005 TRENDS Neva Firth container turnover in H1 2005.
Rating: 1315
11:08containerSeaNews Club materialSeaNews Weekly No 94 (week 26)
PORTS' STATISTICS Largest Finnish ports cargo turnover in 5 months 2005; Kaliningrad port stevedores cargo turnover in 5 months of 2005. RENDS Freight rates for reefer transportation: trends and forecasts for 2005-2010; Neva Firth container turnover in 5 months 2005; Profitability of warehousing business in Russia: simple calculations.
Rating: 1187
27 April 2005
16:52seaSeaNews Club materialSeaNews Weekly No 87
The following materials will be available in the SeaNews Weekly No 87 analytical bulletin. Ports statistics Novorossiysk port stevedores post results in Q1 2005; Arkhangelsk port cargo turnover in Q1 2005; Throughput of Rostov port in January-March 2005; Throughput of Azov port in January-March 2005; Cargo turnover in Temryuk and Kavkaz ports: Q1 2005. Railway Rail traffic export into the Russian ports in Q1 2005 Rail traffic export into the Ukrainian ports in Q1 2005 Cargo flows reviews Oil and oil products handling in the Caspian basin in Q1 2005 Oil and oil products handling in the Azov and Black Sea basins in Q1 2005; Metals handling market of Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic States: results of Q1 2005. Trends Cyprian ship's register: problems of the Turkish straits. You may get acquainted with all the issues of SeaNews Weekly 2005 analytical bulletin.
Rating: 1481
20 April 2005
12:35containerSeaNews Club materialSeaNews Weekly No 86
The following materials will be available in the SeaNews Weekly No 86 analytical bulletin. Ports statistics Arkhangelsk port cargo turnover in Q1 2005 Bulk oil handling by Kaliningrad stevedores Cargo flows reviews Bulked cargo handling in the Baltic basin in Q1 2005 Trends Port authority reform Container turnover of the Neva firth terminals in Q1 2005 Port dues increase or equation with the multiple unknown quantities St.Petersburg port ste3vedores operation in Q12005 You may get acquainted with all the issues of SeaNews Weekly 2005 analytical bulletin.
Rating: 1153
11 March 2005
16:33containerSeaNews Club materialNew Issue of SeaNews Weekly No 80
The following information will be available in the SeaNews Weekly 80 (05/03/14) analytical bulletin. Ports' Statistics - Throughput of stevedores of St.Petersburg port in February 2005; - Kaliningrad Commercial seaport posts results in February 2005; - Throughput of Leningrad oblast ports; - Throughput of the Baltic ports; - Work results of VR Cargo in February 2005. Reviews - Container handling of the Neva firth stevedores in February 2005; - Russian coal market in 2005; - Shipbuilding of the NorthWest of Russia; - Russian market containerization has started.
Rating: 806
2 March 2005
16:42Port SaidSeaNews Club materialThroughput of Murmansk
In January 2005 the Murmansk port operators handled 1,797 th.tons (+10% year-on-year). Murmansk Commercial Seaport JSC handled 1188,3 th.tons, Agrosfera JSC handled 98.7 th.tons of cargo. During the reported period the port handled 1,351.6 th.tons of dry cargo (+10.84% yea-on-year). Detailed review of the Murmansk throughput is available in the SeaNews Weekly No 104 analytical bulletin.
Rating: 1247
16:18Port SaidSeaNews Club materialThroughput of Leningrad Oblast Ports
In January 2005 the throughput of all the ports of Leningrad oblast (Vyborg, Vysotsk, Ust-Luga and Primorsk) made 5,489.9 th.tons (+72.5% year-on-year).
Rating: 1392
16 February 2005
12:51Port SaidSeaNews Club materialThroughput of Kaliningrad Port Stevedores
In January 2005 the aggregate throughput of the Kaliningrad port's stevedores amounted to 1,323.2 th.tons (+7.73% year-on-year).
Rating: 902
10 February 2005
12:54containerSeaNews Club materialContainer Turnover of St.Petersburg Port Terminals
In January 2005 the container turnover of the St.Petersburg port JSC made 68,883 TEUs (up by 31.11% year-on-year).
Rating: 1477
9 February 2005
16:57seaSeaNews Club materialSeaNews Weekly No 76
The following information will be available in the next issue of SeaNews Weekly 76 (05/02/14) analytical bulletin. Statistics - Throughput of Kaliningrad port in January 2005; - Throughput of Baltic ports in January 2005; - St.Petersburg port stevedores post results in January 2005; - VR Cargo traffic to Russian and CIS countries in 2004. Interviews - Projects of the port capacities development in the North West region.
Rating: 577
15:04seaSeaNews Club materialThroughput of Kaliningrad Port
In January 2005 cargo handling in the Kaliningrad Commercial Sea port amounted to 464.9 th.tons (+28% year-on-year).
Rating: 904
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