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5 April 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialransport section of the Federal target Program The Economic and Social Development of the Far East region in 1996-2005 and till 2010
The new edition of the Federal Program The Economic and Social Development of the Far East region in 1996-2005 and till 2010 was approved of by the Government of Russian Federation on March 19, 2002. The Program provides for financial and institutional support for the projects aimd at the development of export, which according to the estimates will allows to increase the Far East and Zabaikalie region export volumes up to $7.2 billion in 2005 and up to $12 billion in 2010. The Far East and Zabaikalie region cover almost 40% of the Russian territory.
Rating: 884
4 April 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialWhite Paper on European Transport Policy
Allow me first and foremost to thank the organisers of the 7th Moscow International Transport and Logistics Conference, as well as Mr.
Rating: 919
25 March 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialRussian Customs Making Small Steps Towards WTO
Russia's decision to join the World Trade Organization has forced acceleration of the liberal reforms process, including those pertaining to the customs legislation development.
Rating: 905
21 March 2002
11:00transitSeaNews Club material"Russian Transport System modernization 2002-2010" Federal Target Program
The Russian Government has commissioned the RF Transport Ministry, as a state customer-coordinator, and the RF Railways Ministry to develop the federal target program "Russian Transport System modernization 2002-2010".
Rating: 953
15 March 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialRussian Yards Can Build Better and Cheaper than Foreign Yards. We Only Need Orders
What newbuildings were added to the Russiab marine fleet last year? Last year, over 100 civil ships and floatable facilities were delivered to customers.
Rating: 1899
7 March 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialRussian Transport Sector: Figures and Facts
The statistics revealed at the extended Board session of the RF Transport ministry, pictured the activities of the transport sector of Russia in general and of different transport modes separately displaying the correlation between the transport sector operations and the countrys economic condition. In 2001, the growth rates of gross domestic product (GDP) and industrial production comprised 85.3% and 79.1% respectively against the rate of 1992; moreover, over the last two years, the Russian economy has retained the growth trend.
Rating: 1154
19 February 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialChinese Economic Growth and its Impact on Russian Transport
Russias transit potential A glimpse at a map is enough to evaluate the specific position of Russia as a natural link between Europe and Asia.
Rating: 833
31 October 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialRole of Modern Flag State Administration
Mr Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen. I would like to express my appreciation to the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping for affording me and the Malta Maritime Authority the possibility to be amongst the Maritime Administrations invited to air their views on such an important topic as the one which is being addressed at this seminar. It should be stated from the outset that the views expressed in this presentation are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Malta Maritime Authority.
Rating: 392
12 October 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialWar waste. Viewpoint: transport
A month has elapsed since the terror attack on the USA, which has shaken the world.
Rating: 357
31 August 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialTurkmenistan Transport Development Program
The national Program of the Turkmenistan president Saparmurat Niyazov "The Strategy of social-economic reforms in Turkmenistan for the period up to 2010" accepted in 1999 by the Turkmenistan Popular Council, presupposes the development of the automobile, railroad, river, sea and air transport, as well as the roads construction. By the year 2010 the volume of road transportations is expected to increase by 3.2 times.
Rating: 641
1 August 2001
11:00inland shippingSeaNews Club materialTransport Complex Financing in January-June 2001
According to the Ministry of Finances of the Russian Federation, in January-June 2001 the budget financing allocated for the transport sector was performed in a 100% volume.
Rating: 756
24 July 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialCargo Transportation in January-June 2001
According to the RF State Statistics Committee (Goskomstat), the transportation volume achieved by all segments of the transport sector in total comprised 5284.8 million tons, 2.2% more than in the corresponding period of 2000 when 5170.6 million tons were carried.
Rating: 859
20 July 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialTransport as Barometer of Economy
This was a definition given by the RF deputy transport minister Boris Novoseltsev at the press conference of July 18, 2001.
Rating: 802
11 July 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialPort Yuzhny in Competition with Major Ukrainian Sea Gates
The Ukrainian port of Yuzhny is strengthening its positions as the leading Black Sea port specializing in both solid and liquid bulk cargoes.
Rating: 1101
20 June 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialTransport Cooperation between Russia and US
Russian Federation Ministry of Transport (RF Mintrans) Press Service Press Release On transport/road complex development in Russian Federation The transport sector of the RF economy steadily meats the increasing demand for transportation services stimulated by the stable economic growth in the country. In January - May 2001 the Russian transport sector under the jurisdiction of the RF Ministry of Transport carried 2% more cargo than in the corresponding period of 2000.
Rating: 659
30 May 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialInvestment Projects for Nikolaev SEZ, Ukraine
A regional investment forum was held as part of the program of the seventh international Shipbuilding-2001 Exhibition that took place on May 23-25, 2001, in Nikolaev, Ukraine.
Rating: 664
21 May 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialMintrans Develops Federal Program for Transport System Modernization
On May 15 2001 the RF Transport Ministry (Mintrans) Board discussed the progress of the Federal Program for Transport System Modernization development.
Rating: 733
14 May 2001
11:00RailSeaNews Club material"String" Model of Transport System
The Russian transport system has to be minimum 2m km long, that is 1m km longer than at present.
Rating: 1006
11 May 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialTransport Ministrys Policy as Part of Russias Geopolitical Strategy
Rating: 1322
26 March 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialCLEAR-PAC: A Case Study in Expediting Customs Clearance
Rating: 796
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