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20 December 2006
12:38seaSeaNews Club materialAsian Oil Freight Rates to Ease
Oil tanker freight rates in 2007 could ease by about 15 percent on key Asian routes, as shipyards churn out new builds and oil demand slows, but high volatility will persist on geopolitics and weather patterns.
Rating: 1200
15 December 2005
16:13seaSeaNews Club materialCMA CGM Charters FESCO's Boxship
Harper Petersen announces all the freight deals in the container market in November-December 2005.
Rating: 2173
29 November 2005
11:16seaSeaNews Club materialKursui Linija Charters Ice-Class Boxship
Boxship charter rates remain under pressure with spot fixtures becoming far more commonplace.
Rating: 1713
9 September 2005
11:57seaSeaNews Club materialContainer Market Strengthens
Relatively strong containership fixtures to counter the recent summertime blues about stagnant boxship markets are beginning to emerge. Zim of Israel has fixed two 13-year-old, 2,700 TEU sisterships, the Reederei Laiesz-owned "Patmos" and "Pacific" (both built 1992), for a healthy 36 to 40 months at $30,500 per day.
Rating: 1313
15 August 2005
17:44seaSeaNews Club materialBoxship Charter Rates
Boxship charter rates continue to be unstable with an average drop of 8% taking place during the last two months.
Rating: 1215
9 August 2005
10:44seaSeaNews Club materialOperators Delay Boxship Charters
The summer respite in the boxship charter market continues with liner operators holding back from commitments to further chartered tonnage.
Rating: 1059
11 May 2005
14:50seaSeaNews Club materialLarger Boxships Back
Activity in the containership charter market has increased for larger vessels as ocean carriers strengthen their fleets while tonnage is still able to be secured.
Rating: 1283
11 April 2005
16:33seaSeaNews Club materialBoxship Charter Market
The boxship charter market remains relatively quiet with a scarcity of open vessels and liner operators having secured their tonnage requirements for the first half of this year.
Rating: 1481
24 February 2005
10:36seaSeaNews Club materialShippers Hit Out at Container Lines
Asian shippers are smarting over a rate hike warning by container lines grouped under the Transpacific Stabilization Agreement (TSA), reports Fairplay.
Rating: 1141
26 January 2005
15:09seaSeaNews Club materialSeaNews Weekly No 74
The following information will be available in the next issue of SeaNews Weekly No 74 (5/01/31) analytical bulletin: Statistics - Kaliningrad stevedores post results for 2004; - VR Cargo traffic to Russian and CIS countries in 2004; - Murmansk port posts results in the year 2004; - Throughput of Arkhangelsk port in 2004; - Ports of Finland: results of 2004. Interview LCL service development prospects in Russia.
Rating: 694
24 December 2004
11:03seaSeaNews Club materialMSC Pushes Rates Up
Mediterranean Shipping Co (MSC) will pay a phenomenal $47,000 per day to charter a 4,700-teu panamax containership next year on a sublet from K Line of Japan. Switzerland-based MSC is reported to have signed up to a relet charter of the HLL Atlantic (built 2003) for eight months from January 2005. The sublet will earn the Japanese carrier around $4.8m over the period.
Rating: 1150
7 December 2004
09:45seaSeaNews Club materialFreight rates soar to record levels
World freight shipping prices, particularly the cost of transporting dry raw materials, are steaming ahead at record levels, powered mainly by China's insatiable demand for bulk levels of imported commodities. The Baltic Dry Index, measuring the shipment of dry bulk commodities on 24 routes around the world, shot to 6,134 points last week, the highest level since its inception on London's Baltic Exchange in 1985. The Baltic Panamax Index, comprising seven dry bulk routes, climbed to 6,110 points last week, a record peak since its launch in 1998.
Rating: 957
24 November 2004
16:40seaSeaNews Club materialRates restoration
Hoping to emulate the success of mainline carriers in securing rate hikes, a grouping of 15 regional feeder carriers has announced a rate restoration and other surcharges for their mainline customers. The grouping, which offers common feeder services between Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Indian subcontinent, is planning to increase rates between US$20 and US$50 per TEU, according to its '2005 Business Plan'. Among the operators are such companies as: Advance Container Lines, Bengal Tiger Line, Gemartrans (S), Megastar Shipping, New Econ Line, Orient Express Line, Orient Shipping Services, PACC Container Line, Pacific Eagle Lines, QC Container Line, RCL Feeder, Samudera Shipping Line, Sea Consortium, Simatech Shipping and TSK Line. Rate hikes for feeder services covering the Indian subcontinent will be announced separately, the group said in a statement.
Rating: 1060
9 July 2004
18:49seaSeaNews Club materialISPS-certified Port Facilities in Russia
Arkhangelsk: Sawn wood terminal "Profit" LTD; Bakaritsa Transshipment terminal Commercial Sea Port of Arkhangelsk; General cargoes terminal of "Economia" Transshipment area Commercial Sea Port of Arkhangelsk; Container terminal of "Economia" Transshipment area Commercial Sea Port of Arkhangelsk; Levy Bereg terminal of "Bakaritsa" Transshipment area Commercial Sea Port of Arkhangelsk; Lesnoi prichal OJSC "Lesozawod-2"; Bulk cargoes port facility "Lesnoi prichal" OJSC "North timber industrial company Lesozavod # 3"; Bulk cargoes port facility "Arkhangelsky sawmill and woodworking complex # 3"; Bulk cargoes port facility "Solombalsky sawmill and woodworking complex"; Bulk cargoes port facility "Lesozavod 25" Maymaksansky section; Bulk cargoes port facility "Lesozavod 25" Tsyglomensky section; Astrakhan: Distributive terminal "Astrakhansky" "LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhsknefteproduct" LTD (tank farm # 3); Distributive terminal "Astrakhansky" "LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhsknefteproduct" LTD (tank farm # 5); Buzan-Port; Dudinka: Trans-Polar Branch of JSC "GMK Norilsk Nickel"; Kaliningrad: General cargoes terminal "Lukoil-Kaliningradmorneft" LTD; GRES-2 OJSC "Yantarenergo"; Oil-loading terminal "Lukoil-Kaliningradmorneft" LTD; Baltic terminal LTD; JSC "Kaliningrad Commercial Sea Port"; Kaliningrad Port Oil Base; Kandalaksha: Anchorage area of the Sea commercial port Kandalaksha; Magadan: OJSC "Commercial Sea Port of Magadan"; Murmansk: Mineral fertilizers transloading terminal JSC "Agrosphera"; Bulk and general cargoes terminal JSC "Murmansk Commercial Sea Port"; Oil terminal "Belokamenka"; Apatite terminal JSC "Murmansk Commercial Sea Port"; Anchorage area on the water area of Murmansk Commercial Sea Port; Anchorage area Murmansk Sea Port; Offshore transloading complex "Lavna" OJSC "Murmansk Shipping Company"; Nakhodka: OJSC "Nakhodka fish port"; Transloading terminal JSC "Dalmormontazh"; Trans-shipping complex "Lesnoi terminal" LTD; OJSC "Nefteport"; Nikolaevsk-on-Amur: Timber-handling complex OJSC "Nikolaevsk-on-Amur sea port"; Timber-handling complex JSC "Nikolaevsk-on-Amur remontno-expluatatsionnaya baza flota"; Novorossiysk: Novorossisk Junction and Forward Enterprise; Oil terminal "Sheskharis" OJSC "Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port"; Bulked and general cargoes terminal OJSC "Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port"; Oil terminal OJSC "Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port"; Sea Geologic Port; Novorossiysk Ship Repair Plant; Terminal for general bulked and liqiud cargoes OJSC "Stroykomplekt"; Transloading complex of JSC "Novoroslesexport"; Main transloading complex Eastern Central Western cargo docks of OJSC "Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port"; Oil terminal JSC "Caspian Pipeline Consortium - R"; Onega: Specialised berth for saw-timber loading OJSC "Onega sawmill and woodworking complex"; Primorsk: Specialised sea bulk-oil port PRIMORSK LTD; Slavyanka: Slavyansky Timber Terminal LTD; Transloading terminal OJSC "Slavyanka Ship Repair Plant"; Agricultural producers' co-operative fishing enterprise kolkhoz "Prostor"; Sochi: Cargo-and-passenger terminal OJSC "Sochi Commercial Sea Port"; Sovetskaya Gavan: Nord LTD; Joint Russian-American enterprise "Sovgavan-Port" LTD; St.
Rating: 2031
1 June 2004
19:34seaSeaNews Club materialMinistry of Transport To Strike Impassibility
Minister informed the Government as to the intended means Beginning of the way: Where we are and what we have (and how we don't like it) Highways are becoming the major factor hampering the country's economical growth, was the conclusion of the Minister of Transport and Communications Igor Levitin's report to the RF Government.
Rating: 1133
2 April 2004
18:46seaSeaNews Club materialWho wants it, the Russian export
The director of Vista OOO.
Rating: 4284
28 January 2004
13:54seaSeaNews Club materialPort of Antwerp: Records of 2003
The port of Antwerp has finished its year with an extremely good performance, with the latest figures pointing to a total shipping freight volume of more than 142 mn tonnes.
Rating: 682
31 July 2003
14:06seaSeaNews Club materialFCT New Procedures: The Market Participants Will Appreciate
Interview with Alexander Svetlichniy, commercial manager of the First Container Terminal Mr.
Rating: 1448
16 June 2003
10:20seaSeaNews Club materialNew Baltic Shipping Co
Interview of Victor Kharchenko, General Director of Baltic Shipping Company, Ltd. As declared, the new Baltic Shipping Company being set up has nothing to do with the monster of the past years.
Rating: 2603
16 May 2003
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialNCC: Our Task to Provide Conditions for Developing Container Business in Russia
An interview with Vladimir L.
Rating: 2874
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