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In period07.02.2000 21.07.2017
14 June 2007
18:41seaSeaNews Club materialMarket review, week 24
Tankers The VLCC market showed positive signs with increasing numbers obtainable for d/hull MEG/West due to limited positions end June.
Rating: 2460
1 February 2007
15:05seaSeaNews Club materialMarket review, week 5
Tankers The VLCC market remained relatively stable during the week, but with rather less activity than previously, we can only comment that this stability was somewhat feeble at best.
Rating: 1599
2 March 2005
16:18Port SaidSeaNews Club materialThroughput of Leningrad Oblast Ports
In January 2005 the throughput of all the ports of Leningrad oblast (Vyborg, Vysotsk, Ust-Luga and Primorsk) made 5,489.9 th.tons (+72.5% year-on-year).
Rating: 1392
8 December 2004
12:06containerSeaNews Club materialSeaNews Weekly No 69
The following information will be available in the next issue of SeaNews Weekly No 69 analytical bulletin: Port statistics - Petersburg port stevedores post results for the 11 months; - Cargo handling in the ports of Leningradskaya Oblast: 11 months' results; - Kaliningrad port stevedores post results for the 11 months of 2004; Interview "Cargoes are coming back to the North-West".
Rating: 1234
9 July 2004
18:49seaSeaNews Club materialISPS-certified Port Facilities in Russia
Arkhangelsk: Sawn wood terminal "Profit" LTD; Bakaritsa Transshipment terminal Commercial Sea Port of Arkhangelsk; General cargoes terminal of "Economia" Transshipment area Commercial Sea Port of Arkhangelsk; Container terminal of "Economia" Transshipment area Commercial Sea Port of Arkhangelsk; Levy Bereg terminal of "Bakaritsa" Transshipment area Commercial Sea Port of Arkhangelsk; Lesnoi prichal OJSC "Lesozawod-2"; Bulk cargoes port facility "Lesnoi prichal" OJSC "North timber industrial company Lesozavod # 3"; Bulk cargoes port facility "Arkhangelsky sawmill and woodworking complex # 3"; Bulk cargoes port facility "Solombalsky sawmill and woodworking complex"; Bulk cargoes port facility "Lesozavod 25" Maymaksansky section; Bulk cargoes port facility "Lesozavod 25" Tsyglomensky section; Astrakhan: Distributive terminal "Astrakhansky" "LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhsknefteproduct" LTD (tank farm # 3); Distributive terminal "Astrakhansky" "LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhsknefteproduct" LTD (tank farm # 5); Buzan-Port; Dudinka: Trans-Polar Branch of JSC "GMK Norilsk Nickel"; Kaliningrad: General cargoes terminal "Lukoil-Kaliningradmorneft" LTD; GRES-2 OJSC "Yantarenergo"; Oil-loading terminal "Lukoil-Kaliningradmorneft" LTD; Baltic terminal LTD; JSC "Kaliningrad Commercial Sea Port"; Kaliningrad Port Oil Base; Kandalaksha: Anchorage area of the Sea commercial port Kandalaksha; Magadan: OJSC "Commercial Sea Port of Magadan"; Murmansk: Mineral fertilizers transloading terminal JSC "Agrosphera"; Bulk and general cargoes terminal JSC "Murmansk Commercial Sea Port"; Oil terminal "Belokamenka"; Apatite terminal JSC "Murmansk Commercial Sea Port"; Anchorage area on the water area of Murmansk Commercial Sea Port; Anchorage area Murmansk Sea Port; Offshore transloading complex "Lavna" OJSC "Murmansk Shipping Company"; Nakhodka: OJSC "Nakhodka fish port"; Transloading terminal JSC "Dalmormontazh"; Trans-shipping complex "Lesnoi terminal" LTD; OJSC "Nefteport"; Nikolaevsk-on-Amur: Timber-handling complex OJSC "Nikolaevsk-on-Amur sea port"; Timber-handling complex JSC "Nikolaevsk-on-Amur remontno-expluatatsionnaya baza flota"; Novorossiysk: Novorossisk Junction and Forward Enterprise; Oil terminal "Sheskharis" OJSC "Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port"; Bulked and general cargoes terminal OJSC "Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port"; Oil terminal OJSC "Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port"; Sea Geologic Port; Novorossiysk Ship Repair Plant; Terminal for general bulked and liqiud cargoes OJSC "Stroykomplekt"; Transloading complex of JSC "Novoroslesexport"; Main transloading complex Eastern Central Western cargo docks of OJSC "Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port"; Oil terminal JSC "Caspian Pipeline Consortium - R"; Onega: Specialised berth for saw-timber loading OJSC "Onega sawmill and woodworking complex"; Primorsk: Specialised sea bulk-oil port PRIMORSK LTD; Slavyanka: Slavyansky Timber Terminal LTD; Transloading terminal OJSC "Slavyanka Ship Repair Plant"; Agricultural producers' co-operative fishing enterprise kolkhoz "Prostor"; Sochi: Cargo-and-passenger terminal OJSC "Sochi Commercial Sea Port"; Sovetskaya Gavan: Nord LTD; Joint Russian-American enterprise "Sovgavan-Port" LTD; St.
Rating: 2031
24 January 2003
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialLeningrad Oblast Transport Sector in 2002
According to the Economy and Investments Committee of Leningrad Oblast government, the volumes of transport services provided by major and middle-size transport enterprises increased by 2.2 times in January-November 2002, making up 10.9 bn rubles.
Rating: 1703
26 December 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialSea Port of St. Petersburg Stakes on Containers
An interview with Igor M.
Rating: 3673
1 October 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialPort of Primorsk: Challenges in Oil Terminals
Presentation by Mikhail A.
Rating: 1656
30 September 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialRussia and Baltics between East and West
The very geographic location of the Baltic republics on the trade rotes between Europe and Asia makes transit a predominant factor in their economies, and first and foremost in their port business.
Rating: 1254
16 September 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialSupport Fleet Needs Federal Support
An interview with Anatoly F.
Rating: 2227
27 August 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialPort Exists for People
An interview with Yevgeny V.
Rating: 2254
23 April 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialSea Port of St. Petersburg: Results and Prospects
What are the main lines of the Port Authoritys investment policy for the current year? The Port Authority will retain its priorities for 2002: over 1 billion rubles will be assigned for enhancement of operational safety and development of the port infrastructure. The largest projects include: - Construction of multipurpose berth N 106, which is a part of the mineral fertilizer terminal in Sea Port of St.
Rating: 1732
27 February 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialBunker Market in Primorsk
The start of operations at the new port in Primorsk means a new bunker market has emerged, and both Russian and foreign bunkering companies are looking for a share in it.
Rating: 834
26 February 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialPrimorsk: Far More than an Oil Terminal
Rating: 1356
14 January 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialNew Oil Terminals vs. OPEC Policy
December 2001, Phase if the oil terminal in Primorsk 12 million tons per year capacity to be further increased up to 30 million tons per year was inaugurated.
Rating: 2402
19 December 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialPort Vanino Development Prospects and Plans
Commercial Seaport Vanino is one of the largest Russian ports in the Far East.
Rating: 504
9 November 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialRF Port and Fleet Development
The Program of the RF merchant fleet development (part of the federal target program for the Russian transport system modernization for 2002-2010) provides for seaports development and building new marine transport and support units. The altogether capacities be reconstructed, modernized and newly developed amount to 262 million tons. The major projects for the Baltic basin include continuation of new port development at Ust-Luga (dry cargo), Primorsk and Batareinaya (oil and petroleum products) in Leningrad Oblast; new cargo area development in Baltiysk in Kaliningrad Oblast; railway ferry to link Ust-Luga, Baltiysk, and German ports; Big Port St.
Rating: 962
29 August 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialIgor Rusu: "The one, who goes forward, will master the way"
Mr.Rusu, what is your estimation of the Autonomous Pilots' Society action and how did they affect the work of the St.Petersburg Seaport JSC? My estimation of the pilots' action is definitely negative.
Rating: 1265
20 August 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialOur Strategy Big Port St. Petersburg
Rating: 1391
6 August 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialPort Primorsk: to Complete on Schedule
Rating: 1129
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