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1500 Order!Russian container Market Yearbook 2016
1000 Order!Russian Container Market Yearbook 2015
10000 Order!Russian Container Market 2010
10000 Order!Russia liner shipping ranking: Q1, 2009
10000 Order!Report on Russian Stevedoring Market
10000 Order!Cars and Trucks Import into Russia
10000 Order!Ro-Ro and Car Shipping at the Russian Baltic Coast: outline of the market
10000 Order!Liquefied Gas Export. Russia in wait for real LNG
10000 Order!Russian Stevedoring Market. Results of 2005
10000 Order!Report on bunker fuel market in Russia
10000 Order!Container transportation in Russia and in the Neighboring States. Results of 2005
10000 Order!Report on Reefer logistics in Russia
10000 Order!Report on oil and products logistics
10000 Order!Report on Logistics Development in Russia
10000 Order!Report on Ukrainian stevedoring and container market
10000 Order!Report on Russian container market: results of the year 2004
10000 Order!Report on Railways Reform in Russia: Interim results of 2005
10000 Order!Report on grain cargo logistics
10000 Order!Report on stevedoring equipment and engineering solutions market for the container terminals
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In period07.02.2000 23.04.2017
27 May 2011
19:02block trainSeaNews Club materialContainer Traffic to CIS Growing
Rating: 584
18 July 2003
15:53seaSeaNews Club materialContainer Traffic Prospects via Ukrainian Ports
An interview with Georgy Tokman, executive director of the Baltic and Azov Sea Ports Association (BASPA) Mr.
Rating: 2118
26 December 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialSea Port of St. Petersburg Stakes on Containers
An interview with Igor M.
Rating: 3666
5 December 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialOktyabrskaya Railway Looks to Containers
An interview with Yevgeny I.
Rating: 2276
1 November 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialTransport Factor in Paper ad Pulp Industry
There is a need to increase transport process efficiency, decided the participants of the seminar on transport and logistics during the 7th Adam Smith "Investing into Paper&Pulp Industry" conference in St.
Rating: 1300
11 July 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialCarrier and Freight Forwarder in One is Typically Russian
An interview with Mikhail A.
Rating: 2291
8 April 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialRole of International Coordinating Council on TransSiberian Transportation in Materializing Potentials of TransSiberian Landbridge
The International Coordinating Council on TransSiberian Transportation has been established at the International Conference on Transportation of cargo via the TransSiberian railway Mainline held in Moscow on November 23,1993. The Declaration of the International Conference reads "The participants of the International Conference on Transportation of cargo on the TransSiberian railway Mainline taking into consideration the importance of the "TransSiberian Landbridge" for the economical community in matters of developing trade and international economic relations between the countries of Europe and Asia and proceeding from the necessity of providing a service to meet the requirements of the world transport market and also taking into consideration the economical and social development taking place in the present world, decided to establish an International Coordinating Council on TransSiberian Transportation". At the moment the CCTST has 84 members: The Ministry of Railway Transport of Russia, The Ministry of Transport of Russia, The State Customs Committee of Russia, The railway administrations of the Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Hungary, Finland, Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Mongolia; Shipping companies, seaports, associations of operators and forwarders, as well as major individual forwarding companies. The Chairman of the Council is the Mr.
Rating: 956
5 February 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialEvery Business Must Earn Money
Mr.Shukhobodsky, what results did PetroLesPort achieve in 2001? Within the past four years we increased the port's throughput more than twice while retaining almost fully our traditional cargoes - timber products.
Rating: 1393
10 July 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialTranssib These 100 Years and Today
Geographical facts The Transsiberian Railway 9288.2 km long is the longest railway on our planet.
Rating: 862
22 May 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialPositive Aspects in Development of Competition between Alternative Eurasian Transport Corridors and Routes
The existing Eurasian transport corridors and routes can be conditionally classified into two groups. The first group are traditional transport corridors, which comprise railroad routes connecting West Europe with CIS and Central Asia; Baltic, Black Sea transport corridors; Transsiberian Main Line as well as the sea route via Suez.
Rating: 888
11 May 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialTransport Ministrys Policy as Part of Russias Geopolitical Strategy
Rating: 1313
13 February 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialVICS Summing Up the Results of the Past Year
VICS Vostochny Port is strategically located at the Pacific terminus of the Trans Siberian Railway as the gateway for trade between the Far East and the whole of Russia, Central Asian countries, and Europe.
Rating: 886
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