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Report on Ukrainian stevedoring and container market

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At present the major part of the port businesses in the Russian Federation belong either to large stevedoring holdings or industrial enterprises. The Ukrainian stevedoring industry in on the agenda.
SeaNews Information&Analysis presents the analytical report - a directory and a guide to the possible investor into the stevedoring market of the Ukraine. No decisions have been made so far as the Government dominates on the Ukrainian market and private enterprise despite their advantages are in the minority. In 3-4 years the state-owned industry is expected to go private.
Who will dominate in the Ukrainian stevedoring business? Who will be able to get the share at the market? Those who will acquire the analytical report Ukrainian stevedoring and container market by SeaNews are going to have better chances.
The report contains detailed information and describes the trends of the stevedoring, container and the transport business of Ukraine. What is more, the report gives an outline of the Ukrainian transport industry condition and the prospects of its development as well as its transformation from the state-owned sector to the private are analyzed. The report covers the market development from 2003 to H1 2005. The presentation of the report was made at the International Conference FREIGHT-2005: South on September 29, 2005.

The size of the report is 130 pages in an A4 format.


Port handling in 2003-2004
- Dry cargo
- Oil
- Export
- Transit
Port handling - H1 2005 - Bulk
- Export handling of break bulk and bulk
- Transit handling in Ukrainian ports
- Transit handling of general cargo
- Import
- Cabotage
Port handling - H1 2004-2005 by ports
- Ukrainian container market
- Grains
- Bulk cargoes in Ukraine: H1 2005
- Coal
- Ore
- Ferrous metals
Railway - Work results of Ukrzaliznytsya, H1 2005
Private terminals
- Private stevedores of Ukraine
- Fishery ports
- Odessa port stevedores
Projects - Third private port in Nikolaev sea region
- New handling complex in Kherson river port
- Turkish investments into a Ukrainian port

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