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Report on bunker fuel market in Russia

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Navy is one of the largest fuel consumers. 80% or more is spent for the operating costs of each vessel. Sea transportation market growth on one hand and the catastrophic price growth determine the special interest to the bunker market. On the other hand, bunkering is a complicated business including the elements of production, export, navigation, shipbuilding, storing and oil transportation, etc.

 The new analytical report of SeaNews Bunker fuel market in Russia will allow:
Regional operators to understand what is the situation in the bunker market in the other regions of the Russian Federation
State organs, purchasing fuel to determine the price guideposts and to receive complete information on the price dynamics of 2004-2005 by main world bunker markets.
Shipowners to orient in the market situation
Representatives of the foreign bunker companies to familiarize with analysis' results and reveal the Russian market peculiarities; also it may help to find differences between Russian and international quality standards.
Financial managers to consult with the several urgent taxation questions concerning the ships' bunkering operations;
Analysts and economists to valuate the dynamics and capacity of different markets on a global scale and to get the supplemental information of the main types of the bunker fuel by classification and technical parameters.


Services offer Oil exchanges
- International Petroleum Exchange (IPE) in London
- Moscow Oil Exchange ()
- Rotterdam market
Classification and basic characteristics of the main fuel types
- Main characteristics of crude oil composition. Most important criteria of fuels' quality and the main branding features.
- Fuel types
- Ranging characteristics of bunker fuel of -5 type and light fuel
- Light fuel
- Bunker fuel of -5 type
- Price dynamics for the main fuel types
- Market average prices for bunker fuel of -5 type and light fuel in 2004-2005
- World dynamics of the market average prices for the main fuel types in 2004-2005.
Industry characteristic
- Potential bunkering volumes
- Sales geography
- Peculiarities of some markets
Fuel refining and export prospects in Russia
- Oil refining prospects in Russia and fuels' export in 2006-2010
- Fuel export from the Baltic and Black Sea coast
Main bunkering centers in Russia
- Baltic bunkering market
- Bunkering market in Mediterranean
- Black Sea bunkering market
Intermediaries and operators
- Far East
- Black sea region
- North West region
Characteristics, dynamics and prospects of markets development
- Far East
- Russian South
- North Western region (St.Petersburg)
- Summary
- Quality dynamics
- Volume dynamics
Taxation matters
- VAT questions
- VAT and export custom duties
- Customers - Russian shipowners - bunker fuel purchasers
- Excise tax
Environmental protection aspects
- Russia
- European Union
Review of the oil and oil products production in Russia
- Production volume

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