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Report on Russian container market: results of the year 2004

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SeaNews Information Agency has carried out the fourth research of the container transportation market in Russia. The research provides the industry major indices for 2004 for the world and Russian container markets; the container market operators' statistics and ratings, the main factors defining the container Russian market development. The prospects of development of Russian container market are specified and analyzed.
Report on Russian container market in the year 2004 is aimed for the shipowners, forwarders and other participants of the international container transportation market.


1. World market
a. Ports and terminals
b. Shipping companies
c. Freight rates: 10 years’ supervision
2. Freight rates for container transportations into/from the ports of Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic States
a. Black Sea
b. East Baltics
c. Russian Far East
3. Container manufacture demand; no prospects for Russia
4. Import as a container market power
5. Russian box market in 2004
a. Neva Firth
b. North-West of Russia
c. Russian Far East
d. The South of Russia
e. Finland
f. Baltic States
g. Ukrainian container market
h. Rail traffic
i. Road traffic
j. Shipping companies
k. Total rates of the Russian market.
6. Major events of 2004 in the Russian container market and the neighbor countries
a. Ports and terminals of Russia and CIS
b. Lines, agents and NVOCC
c. Sales and purchases of the Russian shipowners
d. Railway
e. State structures and non-profit organizations
7. Terminals efficiency of Russia and the foreign countries
8. Railway capacities development for container traffic
9. Container handling capacities development prospects a. North-West
b. South region
c. Russian Far East
d. Baltic States
e. Ukraine
f. Container handling capacities development
10. Financial flows of the Russian container market
11. Container market prospects
a. Statistic analysis
b. Analytic analysis
12. Feeder and liner operators in the Russian ports
13. Owners and operators of the terminals. Analysis attempt
14. Resume

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