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Report on Reefer logistics in Russia

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A large volume of reefer traffic is constituted by agricultural products, which in contrast to industrial production demand more careful approach to delivery, handling and warehousing.
High demands are made to foodstuffs and cargo, which needs special temperature conditions.
This concerns both the quality of transportation and cargo safety. That is why the Veterinary and Phyto services took this under their close control.
In contrast to the industrial markets, there are many small companies active in the reefer market as only small companies can provide efficient reaction at the flexible demand.
This explains the prevailing share of private capital in the shipment process.
At present there is a paradoxical situation: the states presence is evident in this market most exactly.

1. Reefer cargo classification
2. Government regulation. Legislation
3. Traffic
) Reefer traffic by sea
b) Reefer traffic by rail
c) Reefer traffic by road
3. World reefer fleet (volumes, orders, charter)
a) Special purpose vessels
b) Container sector
4. Freight markets
) Banana logistics
b) Meat market
c) Fish industry
d) Other fruit and vegetables
e) Dairy
5. Storage capacities development (from vegetable warehouse to distribution center).

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