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Report on Logistics Development in Russia

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Report on Logistics Development in Russia is an attempt to consolidate the information on the Russian logistic services market. The report contains information about the capacity of the market of logistics services, the logistics operations intensity and the financial results of the logistic services market.

The size of the report is 60 pages in an A4 format.
The report is distributed in printed and electronic versions (Adobe Acrobat).


1. Production logistics Major import and export nomenclature
- Containerization
- Containerization in Russia
- Largest container operators of the Russian market
Bulk cargo
- Timber
- Russian market of metal and ore handling: results of 2004
- Coal. Bulk oil
Specific logistics
- Ro-ro traffic
- Fruit, vegetables and other break-bulk foodstuffs imported to Russia
2. RF transport conditions
Rail transport
Road transport
Water transport
Air transport
Industry operation statistics
- Railway
- Port complex
- Road traffic
3. Logistics and storage business Retail
- Russian retail operators rating
- 3PL and 4PL operators - world market leaders
- Storage services
- Complex services

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