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Report on Railways Reform in Russia: Interim results of 2005

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The report contains information on the current state of the Russian Railways reform process. The report also covers the interaction of the Russian Railways with the RF Government and the results of this cooperation.

The size of a report is 25 pages in an A4 format.
The report is distributed in printed and electronic versions (Adobe Acrobat).


1. Industry operation figures in 2004

1.1. Transportation process
1.2. Rolling stock capacity
1.3. Throughput
1.4. Structure and average interval of the important export-import cargoes
1.5. Production funds condition
2. Competitive environment analysis
3. Tariff
Industry reform in Russia ad Europe
5. Russian railways reforming

5.1.1. Stage one: 2001-2002
5.1.2. Stage two: 2003-2005
5.1.3. Stage three; 2006-2010
5.2. Railways reforming in the other countries
5.2.1. Major structural decisions
5.2.2. Main results of the reforms

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