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In period07.02.2000 – 23.08.2017
19 September 2006
12:05seaSeaNews Club materialAutumn Insanity
Overheld railway "windows" and lack of locomotives lead to congestion of the trains on the intensive traffic directions of Russian Railways JSC - Sverdlovsk and and Zabaikalskaya railways. 18 September 2006 first vice president of Russian Railways JSC Vadim Morozov stated that hundreds of trains with coal, oil and other high-paying cargoes are delayed on he way.
Rating: 1212
2 November 2005
12:40containerSeaNews Club materialRail Traffic of Russian Railways
During the 10 months of 2005 the Russian Railways JSC increased the cargo turnover more than 4.1% compared to the same period of 2004.
Rating: 665
17 October 2005
11:16RailSeaNews Club materialRail between St.Petersburg and Murmansk to be Fully Electrified
The electrified rail span 270 km long between the stations of Volkhovstroy (Leningrad Oblast) and Medvezhia Gora (Karelia) is to be put into operation in early December 2005.
Rating: 630
6 October 2005
14:16projectsSeaNews Club materialExpenses of Russian Railways
Russian Railways JSC invests hard into the development and exploitation of the informational structure.
Rating: 697
18 August 2005
09:37Russian RailwaysSeaNews Club materialBoard of Directors of Russian Railways Approved
On August 17 the Board of Directors of the Russian Railways JSC held a meeting where the new members of the Company Board were approved.
Rating: 1162
13 November 2003
12:10Vadim MorozovSeaNews Club materialNew RF Ministry of Railways Regulations
New RF Ministry of Railways Regulations have been submitted to the Russian Government, as Vadim Morozov, Russian Minister of Railways, reported on November 12, 2003.
Rating: 497
20 October 2003
13:35RailSeaNews Club materialRail Transportation: Government Control Toughening
The government control of the rail transportation is to be toughened, as Vadim Morozov, Russian Minister of Railways announced on October 17, 2003.
Rating: 762
13 October 2003
12:55Russian RailwaysSeaNews Club materialRussian Railways JSC Board
The Russian Government appointed the Board of Russian Railways, JSC.
Rating: 952
10 October 2003
11:29seaSeaNews Club materialMinistry of Railways after Russian Railways Launch
After the launch of Russian Railways, JSC, and completion of the first stage of the structural reform the role of the Ministry of Railways is to grow, as railways are to be tightly controlled, as, according to the Ministry of Railways' press department, Vadim Morozov, Russian Minister of Railways, stated. Currently, the draft Regulation of the Ministry of Railways has almost been approved of, which defines the Ministry's functions and envisages establishing of 7 regional bodies, aimed at customers service providing and control functions performance.
Rating: 1018
5 June 2003
11:00RailSeaNews Club materialRail transportation increased by 8%
The total volume of cargoes carried by Russian railways has increase by 8.1% in the 5 months of the current year, according to the 1st vice-Minister of Railways Vadim Morozov.
Rating: 655
20 January 2003
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialSpecial Regulations to Be Abolished
During the first half of this year, the special export/import cargo transportation regulations will be abolished, the first Russian Transport Vice-Minister Vyacheslav Ruksha stated at a press-conference on January 15. According to V.Ruksha, the special Regulations of export/import cargo transportation issued in 1991 have become obsolete as the situation in foreign trade cargo transportation has significantly changed since.
Rating: 796
11:00RailSeaNews Club materialGeorgia Asserting Claims to RF Railway Ministry
On January 14, 2003, during the Russian-Georgian negotiations on railway communication of Russia and Abkhazia the Georgian party asserted claims to the Russian Railways Ministry that participated in the negotiations, the first RF Railways Vice-Minister Vadim Morozov informed at a press-conference held on January 15, 2003.
Rating: 507
17 January 2003
11:00Port SaidSeaNews Club materialRail Transport Activities
During the first two weeks of January 2003, a rather ambiguous situation has developed on railways, Vadim Morozov, Railways Vice-Minister, concluded at a press-conference on January 15, 2003.
Rating: 498
16 January 2003
11:00Port SaidSeaNews Club materialRailways Suffer Losses
Presently, 21,500 railcars that provide ports and oil tank farms are standing idle on Russian railways.
Rating: 717
11:00Port SaidSeaNews Club material163 Trains Abandoned On Russian Railways
During two weeks of January 163 trains turned to be abandoned on Russian railways, which is creating an extremely difficult situation in the railway sector, told the Railway Vice-Minister Vadim Morozov at a press-conference on January 15.
Rating: 794
3 October 2002
11:00containerSeaNews Club materialNew Railway Operators
October 2, First Deputy Railways Minister Vadim Morozov handled operator status certificates to 16 companies, the Railways Ministry's internet agency reports.
Rating: 948
31 July 2002
11:00Russian RailwaysSeaNews Club materialGovernmental Session on R/w Transport Reform
The Governmental Commission on the structural reform of the railway transport held a session July 30, where Deputy Premier of the RF Viktor Khristenko, First Deputy Railways Minister Vadim Morozov, executives of the Railways Ministry (MPS) and the Ministry of Economic Development and other authorities participated. The Commission mulled over the actions to be taken to establish JSC Russian Railways.
Rating: 541
18 April 2002
11:00Port SaidSeaNews Club materialRailway Tariff Harmonization Phase 2
Phase two of the r/w freight transportation tariffs harmonization is to be implemented w.e.f.
Rating: 438
12 April 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialMPS Results in Q1 2002
April 11, First Deputy Railways Minister Vadim Morozov held a selector session with the Russian railways authorities to consider the railway industry results in the first ten days of this April.
Rating: 439
21 February 2002
11:00Port SaidSeaNews Club material Far East May Expect Traffic Rise
New plans on increasing handling of cargoes delivered to the Far East by the TransSiberian land bridge were suggested during the meetings First Deputy RF Railways Minister Vadim Morozov held in the Far East with Governor of Primorsk Kray Sergey Darkin, railway and port authorities.
Rating: 364
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