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24 September 2008
20:15transport corridorSeaNews Club materialFrom Russia and Kazakhstan to China
Rating: 519
28 September 2007
15:20serviceSeaNews Club materialHMM Established Express Rail Service
Rating: 454
14 August 2007
12:43TuapseSeaNews Club materialTuapse Export Terminal to Reach Projected Capacity by 2010
Rating: 610
10 August 2007
19:09seaSeaNews Club materialUkraine and Romania Adopt Ferry Service Project
Rating: 759
19 July 2007
08:44seaSeaNews Club materialTransport Corridor to Be Established in Tuapse
Last week Tuapse Export Terminal and Tuapse Oil-Processing Factory signed a record on the joint work to develop the project of the Tuapse transport corridor building, reports Interfax-Yug. This project will include maritime facilities, coastal protection, car viaduct and some other objects.
Rating: 1289
13 June 2007
11:59seaSeaNews Club materialRF Ministry of Transport Is Planning to Increase Capacity of Multimodal Terminals
The capacity of the Russian multimodal transport and logistics terminals will have totaled more than 100 mn tons per year by the year of 2010.
Rating: 1946
6 June 2007
14:58seaSeaNews Club materialPort of Tuapse Began to Build Grain Terminal
The Tuapse Commercial Sea Port began to build a new grain terminal, reports Vedomosti quoting Irina Davidyan, the head of handling and freight department of Independent Transport Company. According to her, it is scheduled to have put the first stage of the terminal into operation by the beginning of season 2008.
Rating: 2133
22 May 2007
17:15seaSeaNews Club material40 bn to Build Port
During the session of the Russian-Iranian work group devoted to the development of the transport corridor North-South Alexandr Davydenko, the head of the Federal Sea and River Transport Agency, announced that the RF Ministry of Transport intends to have invested about 40 bn rubles in the building of the port Olya by the year of 2010. It is stressed that 700 mn rubles were laid in the federal budget of the current year to build the port.
Rating: 2000
10 May 2007
12:19Port SaidSeaNews Club materialBelarus Wants to Extend Transport Corridor N5
The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus asked the European Economic Commission of United Nations Organization to support its idea to extend the transport corridor N5 via the Republic of Belarus up to Minsk, reports the Embassy of Belarus in Russia.
Rating: 1711
2 May 2007
16:36seaSeaNews Club materialKazakhstan to Build Road from China to Europe
The Government of Kazakhstan is examining the project of building a new transport corridor West Europe - West China, reports RBC. The project is worth $2.3 bn, reports Reuters quoting the report of the RK minister of transport and communication.
Rating: 830
19 February 2007
17:35seaSeaNews Club materialRussian Railways Planning Logistic Centers
Russian Railways JSC is going to develop up to 8-10 logistic centers, integrated into the process of rail transit and providing a full scope of cargo and container operations.
Rating: 855
6 September 2006
12:31seaSeaNews Club materialNew Investor in Port Olya
Dagestanian businessman Jamal Pashaev became the owner of the Russian Seaport Olya in the North Caspian Sea. He acquired the shareholding of Sea Commercial Port Olya JSC from the Moscow finacial consulting company "Industrial Investments".
Rating: 1279
18 May 2006
16:57Saint-PetersburgSeaNews Club materialConstruction of Eastern Semi-Circle
The construction of Eastern semi-circle of the ring road around St.Petersburg is to be completed by 2012.
Rating: 1249
14 November 2005
15:42projectsSeaNews Club materialDemo Freight Train "Russia Express"
A demo freight train "Russia Express" to carry cargo on the Berlin - Warsaw - Minsk - Moscow route will bound along the second transport corridor on November 17-20. The project is realized to attract additional cargo flows to the East via Belarus.
Rating: 707
17 October 2005
10:26seaSeaNews Club materialNew Suez Planned in Russia
The Ministry of economic development and trade under the Stavropol Kray administration is developing a project worth $5+7 bn to build a canal linking the Caspian and the Black seas. The 16 m deep and 70 m wide canal is planned to be built across the territory of the Kalmyk Republic, the Stvropol Kray and the rostov Oblast. Victor Milenin of the Kay ministry described the project as 'a new transport corridor repeating the idea of the Suez and aimed for developing Russia's trade with foreign countries.' He also added that the project envisages the up till now unheard of Divnoe settlement in the Stavropol Kray as a new commercial port on the canal. The Kray ministry has started developing the business resume of the project and later on intends to announce a tender for writing a business plan. The regional ministry expects the project to attract foreign capital via concession mechanism.
Rating: 1037
13 April 2005
15:55seaSeaNews Club materialCargo Traffic of Caspar
In January-March 2005 the ships of the Caspian Shipping Co carried 3,236 th.tons of cargo, which increased the expected figures by 8%. 2,390 th.tons was carried by the tankers of the company, 574 th.tons - by the ferries and 272 th.tons - by the dry cargo ships. In Q1 of 2005 2,424 th.tons of cargo was carried by the routes of the Eurasian transport corridor in the Caspian Sea (+15% year-on-year).
Rating: 442
22 February 2005
13:18projectsSeaNews Club materialNew Participants of ITC Agreement
Turkey and Ukraine are to join the agreement on the international transport corridor North-South.
Rating: 452
27 October 2004
14:19containerSeaNews Club materialPayment Introduction
Truckers will have to pay for using the Eastern semi-circle of the ring road around St.Petersburg, declared Igor Levitin, RF Minister of Transport.
Rating: 533
17 September 2004
13:18seaSeaNews Club materialLogistic Center in Ekaterinburg
European and Asian international transport and logistic center JSC is starting the construction of a new logistic center in Ekaterinburg.
Rating: 471
13 September 2004
18:45projectsSeaNews Club materialGPS or Galileo
The European Commission supported the idea to start negotiations with Ukraine concerning its participation in the creation of the European global radio navigation system Galileo (the analog of the American Global Position System).
Rating: 433
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