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In period07.02.2000 21.07.2017
25 July 2007
18:41seaSeaNews Club materialProblems with Customs Problems with Cargo
According to todays Kommersant, the work of the Vostochny Sea Port customs checkpoint, which serves all the traffic to and from Vostochny, the largest port in Russias Far East, has been almost paralyzed. SeaNews' local sources confirmed that at the present time prosecutor's office officials are taking "different operative and investigative actions". According to the RF Federal Customs Service spokesman, the information about the commencement of prosecution against seven employees of the customs documentation and control department of the checkpoint (charged with the abuse of power asset) was announced on 20 July. These actions of the prosecutor office have not affected the stevedores so far.
Rating: 773
15 September 2006
10:58seaSeaNews Club materialNew Declaration Form May Brake Customs Procedures
Starting from New Year the foreign-economic activity (FEA) participants will have to face the new form of State Customs Declaration (SCD), which will unite the acting one and transit declaration.
Rating: 1539
22 December 2004
19:01customsSeaNews Club materialFirst E-Declaration in Baltic Customs
On December 15 of 2004 the first electronic customs declaration was registered in the Baltic Customs. The e-customs declaration was registered through the intermediary of the customs broker Rostek Baltika.
Rating: 419
6 August 2004
11:24seaSeaNews Club materialOil E-Declaration
The RF custom authorities have introduced the electronic variant of temporary customs declaration for oil, oil products and gas, informs the press service of Transneft JSC.
Rating: 412
2 August 2004
11:50containerSeaNews Club materialTransit Freight Attraction Programme
Simplification of customs procedures will become one of the main aims of the transit development programme to be developed in Belarus. As Vladimir Zherelo, Deputy Head of the Byelorussian Railways, informed, the programme is expected to offer a flexible tariff policy.
Rating: 300
5 July 2004
11:57seaSeaNews Club materialFirst Electronic Customs Declaration System
The first Integrated electronic cusotms declaration system was put into operation on July 1, 2004, at the Chertanovo customs checkpoint of the Moskow Customs. As the RF State Customs Committee press service informs, the first electronic declrations were submitted by Bridgestone, Honda, Delta-System.
Rating: 306
5 February 2004
12:28seaSeaNews Club materialNew Customs Broker in Kiev
On December 26, 2003, UTL-UkrTransLine JSC, a subsidiary of AsstrA Associated Traffic AG, was licensed to operate as a customs broker in the Ukraine.
Rating: 437
18 November 2003
13:54seaSeaNews Club materialBetter Transit Conditions
Better Transit Conditions For cargo traffic between Russia and Europe November 12-14, the RF State Customs Committee (GTK) held consultations with the EU Commission on improving the cooperation between the customs services of the EU and the Russian Federation. According to the GTK press service, the parties defined the scope of problems to be solved for the Russian customs service to use the EU common document as a cargo customs declaration. The parties also agreed on the priority measures to be taken to harmonize Russia?s customs transit system with the requirements of the EU common transit procedure. The Russian customs will transfer electronic data on goods moved between Kaliningrad Oblast and the rest of Russia to the Common European information system.
Rating: 410
6 August 2003
11:00customsSeaNews Club materialNew customs rules
New Customs rules allow simplified procedures by import of vehicles and cargo in case preliminary information has been provided by a customs body of origin. The new rules objective is to offer speed up the goods turnover at the Russian customs border, to spped up the customs registration procedures, to make the customs control itself more effective by using information received from customs bodies of other countries. The information on the imported vehicle/cargo received from a customs body should be in accord with a set format, the cargo consignor - Russian company should have an electronic accounting system implemented which can be duly monitored by customs.
Rating: 318
15 January 2003
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialTransAtlantiic Mainstream Experiment Prolonged
In accordance with the Order of the RF State Customs Committee of January 5, 2003 (N5), the experiment on expediting customs clearance procedures in the framework of the TransAtlantiic Mainstream project was prolonged into 2003. The experiment carried out in the Baltic Customs is regulated by Order N441 of 30.04.2002 issued by the State Customs Committee. The TransAtlantiic Mainstream project aimed at the Russian-American bilateral and multilateral trade development is carried out upon the initiative of American and Russian businessmen. The experiment is carried out in accordance with article N4 of the Russian-American intergovernmental agreement on maritime shipping of June 20, 2001, with the aim to create favourable conditions for foreign trade by expediting customs clearance procedures for cargoes imported to the Russian Federation by sea.
Rating: 423
26 November 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialGTK Introduces Electronic Declaration System
On November 25, 2002, the customs check-point Kashirsky of the Moscow Southern customs inaugurated an electronic declaration system using an electronic digital signature.
Rating: 437
6 September 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialUkraine Looses on Ill Coordinated Transport and Customs Legislation
According to the Ukrainian Railways (Ukrzaliznytsya) and the Ukrainian state transport service center Liski, due to the ill coordinated customs and transport legislation the country's railways are loosing over $26 million annually.
Rating: 491
22 August 2002
11:00customsSeaNews Club materialGTK Launches Experimental E-declaration
The State Customs Committee (GTK) of the RF launches an experiment on electronic customs declaration of goods and vehicles.
Rating: 241
28 March 2002
11:00throughputSeaNews Club materialImporters Escape from Petersburg to Moscow
Customs brokers of the North-West district have been incurring significant losses due to the St.
Rating: 642
21 March 2002
11:00customsSeaNews Club materialZero VAT for Russian Carrier
March 18, the First Deputy RF Transport Minister Anatoly Nasonov held a Session on the procedure of the Russian carriers' right to the VAT zero rate certification. The tax Code currently has some provisions for the VAT zero rate.
Rating: 572
14 February 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialNorth-West Customs Results 2001
In 2001, the customs bodies of the North-West Federal District assigned over 88 million rubles into the federal budget, the North-West Customs Administration press service reports.
Rating: 229
24 January 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialUkrainian Customs Reinforces Delivery Control
The Ukrainian State customs service decided on initiation of the next phase of implementing the cargo delivery control system.
Rating: 253
24 October 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialNovgorod Region: Customs Statistics Reflecting Foreign Trade
Within the period of January-September 2001 the foreign trade cargo turnover in the Novgorod Customs zone of responsibility increased by 0.7%, commodity turnover - by 23% as compared to the corresponding period of the year 2000.
Rating: 220
1 October 2001
11:00customsSeaNews Club materialGTK Adopts Information Policy
The State Customs Committee (GTK) Board of 28.08.2001 adopted the Concept of the GTK information and technical policy.
Rating: 280
11:00customsSeaNews Club materialGTK Activates Opposition to False Declaration
The State Customs Committee (GTK) intends to reinforce administrative measurements against false declaration.
Rating: 302
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