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10 July 2008
16:35AqtauSeaNews Club materialAqtau: 6 Months Result

The major volume is done by oil and oil products

Rating: 299
23 January 2008
15:14cargo handlingSeaNews Club materialCargo Turnover of Aqtau: Results of 2007
Rating: 260
16 October 2007
16:59projectsSeaNews Club materialNew Port in Kazakhstan
Rating: 796
13 July 2007
09:37seaSeaNews Club materialAktau Increased Cargo Handling
In January-June 2007 the Aktau International Commercial Sea Port handled 5 493.4 thousand tons of general and bulk-oil cargo, reports Interfax.
Rating: 1380
15 June 2007
11:35seaSeaNews Club materialAktau: + 15% in January-May
In January-May of the current year Aktau International Commercial Sea Port handled 4.8 mn tons of cargo.
Rating: 1501
5 March 2007
10:42seaSeaNews Club material1 Million Tons of Grain via Aktau
In the next future, it will be possible to ship about 500 thousand tons of grain via the international sea port Aqtau, reports Kazakhstan Today quoting Akhmedtjan Esimov, Kazakhstan's minister of agriculture. "This year we are completing the project of the grain terminal reconstruction in the sea port Aqtau.
Rating: 2314
15 January 2007
11:18transitSeaNews Club materialNew Grain Terminal in the Caspian
February 1 the new grain terminal at Baku is to become operable.
Rating: 915
20 November 2006
15:24Port SaidSeaNews Club materialAktau Oil Turnover Up
The only Kazah port of Aktau increased the oil turnover in 2006 by 13,6% up to 8,396 mln.
Rating: 724
5 October 2006
11:49seaSeaNews Club materialRail Ferry Traffic Makhachkala - Aktau. Agreement Signed
On Ocotber 3 2006 in Uralsk Igor Levitin, RF Transport Minister and Serik Akhmetov, Minister of Transport and communications of Kazakhstan signed the agreement to open the international direct rail and ferry service via the ports of the Astrakhan basin - Makhachkala (Russia) - Aktau (Kazakhstan).
Rating: 1419
26 September 2006
12:49seaSeaNews Club materialFirst Container Train To Novorossiysk
On 27 September 2006 the first container train from China is to arrive at Novorossiysk.
Rating: 1564
10 August 2006
17:16seaSeaNews Club materialVyborg Shipyard Delivered Tanker to Kazmortransflot
On August 10 after the seatrials Vyborg Shipyard delivered the 12 th.tons dwt oil tanker "Aktau" to Kazmortransflot. The technical draft was made by Vympel construction bureau.
Rating: 1291
8 August 2006
16:04seaSeaNews Club materialVyborg Shipyard Delivers Tanker
On August 10 after the seatrials Vyborg Shipyard delivers the oil tanker "Aktau" to Raiffaisen Leasing Kazakhstan. The technical draft was made by Vympel construction bureau.
Rating: 1261
28 June 2006
18:25seaSeaNews Club materialNew Port for Kazakh Oil
The Ministry of Power Engineering and Natural Resources of Kazakhstan works on the technical-economical substantiation concerning the construction of the new port which will transport Kazakhstan's oil along BTC, reports the Azeri information agency Turan quoting Bolat Akchulakov, Representative of the Ministry of Power Engineering and Natural Resources of Kazakhstan. It is likely that the new port will be constructed on Kazakhstan's own needs.
Rating: 1524
29 May 2006
19:18seaSeaNews Club materialM&M expands service across the Caspian Sea to Central Asia
As agent of the ferry service of the state-run international commercial port of Makhachkala (Russian Federation) M&M provides service in operating the new rail ferry between Makhachkala - Turkmenbashi (Turkmenistan) and Makhachkala - Aktau (Kazakhstan). Between 106 and 130 passages between Makhachkala - Turkmenbashi and Aktau are planned for the year 2006. Two new ferryboats are currently in operation, with two more scheduled to enter service later this year.
Rating: 1727
24 May 2006
15:46seaSeaNews Club materialDevelopment Strategy of Rusmarin Forwarding
Rusmarin Forwarding Company, which operates at the Severnaya Verft JSC on the berth No 13, invited advisors form the Portia Management Services Ltd (Liverpool, Great Britain) to design the territories located at the Severnaya Verft and in the back zone at Turukhtannye Ostrova road near the First Container Terminal.
Rating: 2068
5 May 2006
14:47seaSeaNews Club materialSouth Korea donates 3 artillery-equipped ships
South Korea's military donated three artillery-equipped ships to Kazakhstan to protect the ex-Soviet republic's interests in the energy-rich Caspian Sea, the Kazakh government said Friday.
Rating: 1429
27 April 2006
13:41seaSeaNews Club materialVyborg Shipyard Launched Tanker
On April 27 Vyborg Shipyard launched the oil tanker "Aktau" to the order of the Raiffaisen Leasing Kazakhstan. The technical draft was made by Vympel construction bureau.
Rating: 1191
25 April 2006
09:20Port SaidSeaNews Club materialAktau Port Reduces Profit
In 2005 Aktau Commercial Seaport reduced the net profit by 21.8% to $11.3 mn. The port's earnings made $35,6 mn against $34 mn in 2004 having increased by 34.4%.
Rating: 822
20 April 2006
17:59seaSeaNews Club materialVyborg Shipyard To Launch Tanker
On April 27 Vyborg Shipyard launches the oil tanker "Aktau" to the order of the Raiffaisen Leasing Kazakhstan. The technical draft was made by Vympel construction bureau.
Rating: 1023
18 April 2006
17:21Port SaidSeaNews Club materialAktau To Reduce Oil Handling Volumes
In 2006 Aktau Seaport (Kazakhstan) plans to handle 6.5 mn tons of oil (against 8.9 mn tons in 2005).
Rating: 747
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