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In period07.02.2000 – 25.07.2017
Port Said (100)
Saint-Petersburg (81)
Moscow (52)
Vladivostok (34)
Novorossiysk (30)
19 December 2004
14:15seaPhoto gallery (page 2)
During the session Break Conversation of the participants Vitaly Terekhov (Sovmortrans), Igor Malozemov (Crystal Service), Vladimir Shumilov Mike Schwank; Andrey Tokarev, Sergey Protopovitch (VCSP); Vladimir Shumilov Albert Likholet (NLE), Dmitry Bolotov (Importpischeprom), Sergey Kozlov (FESCO) Representatives of Russian Railways In the conference hall Alexey Tiskin (Petrolesport) Mike Schwank (Tideworks Technology, Inc), Rik Verspeek (Tideworks Netherlands) Sergey Eliseev (Russian Railways) Andrey Tokarev (VCSP) Report of Alexander Bogorjad (Transaero) Vladimir Shumilov (Morskoy Express Group) Dmitry Ushakov (Refperevozky Agency) Alexey Shubenkov (SITA INC) Speech of Sergey Eliseev (Russian Railways) Questions to the speaker Session At the conference hall At the lobby Evgeny Pimenov (KrasAir), Alexander Bogorjad (Transaero), Alexey Shubenkov (SITA INC), Sergey Chernishev (East Line Group) Special section: modern technologies for air transportation - Alexey Sakhno (Pulkovo Cargo Terminal) Sergey Chernishev (East Line Group), Alexey Shubenkov (SITA INC), Evgeny Pimenov (KrasAir) Страницы: 1 2 3 4 5
Rating: 3626
18 December 2004
14:15seaPhoto gallery (page 3)
Alexey Tiskin (Petrolesport) Conference hall "Krysha" Rik Verspeek (Tideworks Netherlands) Andrey Tokarev (VCSP) Sergey Kozlov (FESCO) Dmitry Vasilyev (Hafen Hamburg Marketing e.
Rating: 3557
17 December 2004
14:56Port SaidPhoto gallery (page 4)
Dmitry Krasovsky (SeaData) Fred Klein (Gevelco DistriPort Rotterdam) Vladimir Shumilov (Morskoy Express Group) Carl Gofman (Rotterdam port, RF and BS), Dmitry Ushakov Vitaly Terekhov, Igor Malozemov Break Andrey Vyselka (SeaNews), Alexey Sidorenko (FCT) Evening coffee break Second part of the first day Mikhail Lapidus, Stepan Ermachenkov (TransBasis); Julia Shishova, Marina Beloglazova (SeaNews) Vadim Prokofiev, Tatiana Polukarova (SeaNews) Alexey Ermolin (FCT), Vladimir Shumilov Cocktail party with the session completed During the cocktail party At the end of the first day At the cocktail party Tatiana Eremina (BaltMarketConsult); Igor Dubrovin, Alexander Kotkov (TransTeleCom) Cocktail party Presentation of diploma to the general information sponsor Marina Beloglazova diplomas the winner of the drawing, Dmitry Anosov (MISW) Presentation of diploma to the second winner, Sergey Protopovitch (VCSP) Страницы: 1 2 3 4 5
Rating: 3531
16 December 2004
17:16Photo gallery (page 5)
Second day: visit of the TCC Oktyabrskaya Railway Traffic Control Center Cultural program of the second day: Strelna The State Complex "Palace of Congresses" The Konstantinovsky Palace The Marble Hall The Belvedere Hall Monument to Peter the Great Страницы: 1 2 3 4 5
Rating: 3379
26 October 2004
11:33seaLetter of Support
To the participants and delegates of the 2nd all-Russian conference "FREIGHT.TECH-2004: Freight Industry and Modern Technologies" The Association of the Commercial Sea Ports declares its support for the 2nd all-Russian conference "FREIGHT.TECH-2004: Freight Industry and Modern Technologies" in St.Petersburg. Cargo transshipment in seaports is a high-tech industrial process.
Rating: 2999
11 October 2004
16:24seaLetter of Support
Dear international automobile carriers! On 18-19 November 2004 in St.Petersburg there will be held the 2nd Annual Conference "FREIGHT.TECH-2004: Modern Technologies for Freight Industry / Russia".
Rating: 2997
23 August 2004
10:56projectsContact us
Organizers: Tel.: +7 (812) 380-38-25, fax: +7 (812) 380-38-27, e-mail: freight@seanews.ru Tatiana Polukarov Director of the FREIGHT Nonference polukarova@seanews.ru Viktoria Mikhailova Manager of the FREIGHT-2006 Project mikhailova@seanews.ru Olga Dudij Conference Manager dudij@seanews.ru
Rating: 7658
19 August 2004
19:18sea"Future of Container Business Conference"
Conference Programme Hotel Nadezhda, Kabardinka 11 September 2004 9.00 - 9.30 Registration 9.30 - 9.40 Welcoming speech.
Rating: 5200
13 August 2004
10:56seaFREIGHT Conferences
Information is becoming the key success factor in the highly competitive and ever-changing business surrounding of today. FREIGHT conferences for the freight industry are aimed at acquainting its participants with the major trends marking the industry development, newest technologies and inventions of the leading companies.
Rating: 11505
4 August 2004
Container transportation in Russia
ORGANIZER: SUPPORT: RF Federal Agencyfor Maritime and InlandWater Transport RF State Customs Committee MEDIA SPOSNOR: General sponsor: Sponsors: June 3-4, 2004, SeaNews Information & Consulting held the "FREIGHT-2004: Container Transportation in Russia" conference supported by the RF Federal Merchant Marine and Inland Shipping Agency and the RF State Customs Committee.
Rating: 12545
21 July 2004
Conference Program 1st day - June 3, 2004: 9.00 - 10.00 Registration PLENARY SESSION 10.00 Welcoming speech Section "Terminals": 10.05 Report of Novoroslesexport JSC 10.15 Methodic base of evaluation of management system impact on handling capacity of a container terminal, Vladimir Pogodin, PhD, production director, LenMorNIIProject JSC 10.30 How to structure the process of investment into North-Western container terminals.
Rating: 5582
20 July 2004
We are utmostly grateful to the sponsors of our Conference for their support: General sponsor Sponsors Information sponsor
Rating: 3558
19 July 2004
Apaven JSC Dmitriy Vladimirov, Director Autotransservice JSC Vyacheslav Skoropupov, Deputy director Azimut JSC Dmitriy Golev, Director Baltic Container Terminal JSC Alexander Katsman, CEO Baltic customs Ivan Krasulenko, Chief of the Baltic Customs BaltImpEx JSC Dmitriy Krasilnikov, CEO Baltinvest JSC Svetlana Ryasnaya, Deputy CEO BaltMarketConsult OU Tatyana Yeremina, Director BlackSea Lines Natalia Ryzhenkova, Executive editor Business People Economic magazine Marina Titova, Manager of business press department Commersant St.Petersburg Ivan Stupachenko, Correspondent Committee of transport and transit policy under the St.Petersburg Administration Boris Usanov Containerships St.Petersburg JSC Dmitriy Komov, Deputy director Cosmos Luc Van Hemelrijck, Sales manager Delo-Center JSC Roman Antipov, Senior specialist of the development department Economou International Shipping Agency Ltd Alexander Shust, Chief of line and container department of Novorossiysk office Ernst & Young (CIS) Limited Ruslan Vasyutin Maria Klinova, Marketing manager Olga Litvinova, Managing partner of Ernst&Young and EY Law in St.Petersburg Alexey Starygin ESCP-EAP Cyrille Jansem, Opportunity Manager ESTEVE Terminal OU Ullar Raad, Director Euro-Asian international transport and logisics center JSC Sergey Shavzis, CEO of Ural-Container JSC EuroBike-Transit JSC Sergey Lomakin, CEO Eurosib SPb-Transport Systems JSC Alexander Gorodetskiy, Logistic department manager Expert North-West Arkadiy Poddubniy FANTUZZI EURASIA Vadim Gorbachev, Director Far-Eastern Shipping Corporation JSC Sergey Kozlov, Deputy CEO responsible for container lines First Container Terminal JSC Alexey Bezborodov, Deputy commercial director Irina Galtseva Marina Kashirina Alexey Sidorenko, Commercial director Glaverbel JSC Dmitriy Shablygin, Logistics department manager Yevgeniy Scherbakov, Director of logistics department Gudok (newspaper) Dmitriy Grigoryev, Chief of North-Western region correspondent network Hadge SPb JSC Alexander Panyushkin Halogen JSC Andrey Koshurnikov, Engineer of economic relations department Hamburg port St.Petesburg office Dmitriy Vasilyev, Chief of St.Petersburg office Ilot Logistics Center, North-Western information and analytical transport and logistics center Mikhail Pimonenko, Director Ilyichevsk Commercial Sea Port Andrey Kuzmenko, Chief of container terminal Importpischeprom JSC Dmitriy Bolotov, CEO Incotek-Invest JSC Nadezhda Belova, Deputy CEO Alexander Svetlichniy, Deputy CEO Interbalt Maritime Agency OU Dmitriy Shatohin Interfax IA Anna Nazarova, Correspondent IT company.
Rating: 8393
18 July 2004
14:31seaPhoto gallery (page 1)
Ivan Krasulenko (Baltic customs, Head) Representative of Lenmorniiproject taking part in a discussion Vladimir Ashurkov (TransCare Russia), Igor Rusu (National Container Company) Petras Kubulius (Sea Express) addresses with a question to the lecturer Valentin Orikhivskiy (Latvian railways) and Irina Zinkina (SeaNews) Pavel Lagov asking a question (Transsiberian Intermodal Service) Delegation of Tel-Aviv University Valentin Orikhivskiy (Latvian railways) and Olga Litvinova (Ernst & Young (CIS) Limited) Andrey Boldyrev (RF State Customs Committee), Andrey Katkov (RZD-Partner) Conference participants Delegation of Novoroslesexport JSC In a break between sessions (Andrey Samsonov, Evgeny Fomin, Dmitry Krasovsky, SeaData) Business negotiations - Valery Malkov, Victor Ivanov (Voskhod), Vladimir Shumilov (Morskoy Express) Dialogue in the lobby Pyotr Stepanenko (Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port), Georgy Antonian (Novoroslesexport JSC), Dmitry Bolotov (Importpischeprom) During a break Anton Kolganov (Rosmorport) at the stand of the information sponsor Pyotr Stepanenko (NCSP), Pavel Vyazovtsev (IT.
Rating: 10141
17 July 2004
14:55seaPhoto gallery (page 2)
Pyotr Stepanenko (NCSP) and Evgeny Fomin (SeaData) Though the session is over, discussions proceed Cocktail party after the conference During the cocktail party In the lobby Georgy Antonian (NLE), Dmitry Bolotov (Importpischeprom), Igor Dukhov (NLE) Igor Rusu (NCC), Georgy Antonian (NLE), Boris Usanov (St.
Rating: 9034
16 July 2004
14:56seaPhoto gallery (page 3)
Dmitry Komov (Containerships St.
Rating: 9194
15 July 2004
14:56seaPhoto gallery (page 4)
Alexey Tiskin (Petrolesport) and Boris Dunaevsky (Marina Transport Service) Andres Kompus (Tallinn City Government) and Yuriy Kadak (Petromaks Spediitori AS) Delegates from Finland Coffee-break Delegates from SeaData and Novoroslesexport In a break Alexey Bezborodov (First Container Terminal), Alexey Tiskin (Petrolesport) Jukka Pynnonen (Pynnonen International Ltd Oy) Nikolay Bykov (OOCL Russia) and representatives of the Voshod customs terminal During the registration Antonio Passaro (NCC) Dmitry Ushakov (Refperevozky Agency) Dmitry Ushakov (Refperevozky Agency) Sergey Kozlov (Far Eastern Shipping Corporation) Alevtina Kirillova (Sungate) Alexander Pikalov (Magnitogorsk Metal Works) Dmitry Vasiliev (Hamburg Port, St.
Rating: 9081
14 July 2004
14:57seaPhoto gallery (page 5)
Batergaray Zulkarnaev (Rosmorport Federal State Enterprise) Lev Kuzmin (Maersk) Olga Litvinova (Ernst & Young (CIS) Limited) Anatoly Galaktionov (RF State Customs Committee) Natalia Zheleznykh (Sun Microsystems) Pyotr Stepanenko (NCSP) and Vladimir Shumilov (Morskoy Express) Mikhail Pimonenko (Ilot Logistics Center) Alexander Trotsky (Solvo) Sergey Shavzis (Euro-Asian international transport and logisics center) Georgy Antonian (NLE) Andrey Vyselka (SeaNews) Jaakko Kilpelainen (TBE System Oy Ltd) Kirill Vlasov (Russian Logistics Service) Tatiana Yeremina (BaltMarketConsult OU) Dmitry Ushakov (Refperevozky Agency JSC) Pavel Lagov (Transsiberian Intermodal Service) Andrey Boldyrev (RF State Customs Committee) Anatoly Galaktionov (RF State Customs Committee) Anatoly Galaktionov (RF State Customs Committee) Kirill Vlasov (Russian Logistics Service) Willem Jongebreur (Port of Rotterdam) Pavel Lagov (Transsiberian Intermodal Service) Vadim Gorbachev (Fantuzzi Eurasia) Страницы: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Rating: 8788
13 July 2004
14:58seaPhoto gallery (page 6)
Igor Rusu (NCC), Georgiy Antonyan (NLE), Antonio Passaro (NCC), Vladimir Ashurkov (TransCare Russia) Alexey Tiskin (Petrolesport) Alexander Katsman (Baltic Container Terminal) Mikhail Lapidus (TransBasis) In a break between the sessions (1st day) Robertas Valantiejus (Klaipeda State Sea Port Direction) and Willem Jongebreur (Port of Rotterdam) (2nd day) Excursion to St.
Rating: 5063
7 July 2004
18:16seaBaltic Shipping Days Conference - 2004
Preliminary Seminar Program 20-21 October 2004 WEDNESDAY, 20 OCTOBER 08.30 Registration/Fruit/Coffee 10.00 Opening remarks Lars Engstrom, Managing Director, Provins Insurance 10.15 Political perspective Siv Gustavsson, Director and Division Head for Transport Policy, Swedish Ministry of Industry 11.00 New EU members infrastructure development Lennart Simonsson, CEO, Brostrom Shipping and Chairman, Swedish Shipowners Association. 12.00 Lunch 13.00 Cargo routes to and from Russia &Asia Prof.Ph.D.Econ Yury A Shcherbanin, Moscow, Vice President, Euro Asian Transport Union 13.45 Maritime motorways of the sea Fairway dues Lars Vieweg, Director, Maritime Policy and Public Affairs, Swedish Maritime Administration 14.45 Fruit/Coffee 15.15 River-sea transport renaissance Willand Ringborg, Director, International Projects, Swedish Maritime Administration 16.00 Round of, questions and answers Lars Engstrom,Managing Director,Provins Insurance 16.30 Spa, relaxation, sauna, exercise 19.00 19.30 Dinner and entertainment at Hotell Sodra Berget THURSDAY, 21 OCTOBER 09.00 Shipping and the environmental aspects Rolf Johannesson, President, SCA Transforest 09.30 Classification of ships Jan Olof Gronhult, Regional Director, DNV 10.00 Ports in the Baltic and the ISPS Code Maria Nygren, Director, Swedish Ports Association ISPS Code, the effects for charterers and shipowners Carsten Hornecker, Manager, Documentary Committee, BIMCO, Copenhagen 11.00 Polish ports: Developments and marketing Krzysztof Gromadowski, Director, Port Development and Integration with the European Union, Port of Gdynia 11.45 Summary, discussion and closing remarks 12.15 Lunch
Rating: 2676
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