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5 July 2007
08:36seaMain Russian Container Industry Event of the Year
On 22-23 November 2007 St.Petersburg is to host the International Conference "FREIGHT-2007: Container Transportation in Russia and Neighbouring States".
Rating: 1970
4 December 2006
10:33seaProgram of the III International Conference "FREIGHT-2006: Container Transportation in Russia and Neighboring States"
OFFICIAL SPONSOR: SPONSORS: PLENARY SESSION Welcoming speeches Organizers of the Conference Marina Beloglazova, SeaNews CEO Capital Insurance JSC Oleg Tishkin, CEO Reports First session Containerships Oy and Mobi Dik Ltd. "Investment climate on Russia and particularly in Saint-Petersburg" Kimmo Nordstrom, CEO Containerships Ltd Oy, Chairman of the board of directors of Mobi Dik Ltd. Transcontainer JSC "Peculiarities of cooperation between railway operators and forwarding companies at the container transportation market while reforming the Russian railway industry" Yuri Popov, Director for Technical Policy, Informatization and Regional Programs Intervalira Ltd. "Prospective of Russian transit regarding the experience of TranSib transportation development" Valery Novikov, General Director Vostochny Logistic Container Terminal Ltd. "Chinese transit through the Russian Far East ports: reality and myths" German Zverev, Director Povolzhskaya Logistics Association JSC "Intensive containerisation of cargo transportation in Russia: practical aspect.
Rating: 5252
26 November 2006
13:49containerVostochny Logistic Container Terminal Ltd., German Zverev
German Zverev Chief Executive Officer Vostochny Logistic Container Terminal Ltd. Vice president Russian Logistic Association Candidate of the economic sciences Chinese transit through the Russian Far East ports: reality and myths China is the world leader in container turnover and the volume of commodity containerized export.
Rating: 1276
24 November 2006
14:21seaVladivostok Commercial Sea Port JSC, Alexander Kononenko
Alexander Kononenko Deputy CEO Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port JSC Prospects for developing specialized container handling facilities at Vladivostok Possessing a significant transport-transit potential thanks to its geographical location, Primorye is currently unable to get involved in the world transport system due it a gap in the transport infrastructure development between the adjacent countries of north-eastern Asia (Japan, China and South Korea) and its major "transport workshop" - southern Primorye, which accommodates some 90% of the transport facilities, including the major ports of Vladivostok, Vostochny, Nakhodka, the largest land and air transport enterprises, the most developed railway and road networks. In the light of high rates of trade development between the countries of north-eastern Asia and Asian-Pacific area and Europe the expected estimate of the real potential for growth of cargo turnover via Primorye ports varies from 120 mln.t.
Rating: 1199
13:43seaSovmortrans JSC, Dmitry Purim
Dmitry Purim Chairman of the board Sovfracht PC Chairman of the board Sovmortrans CJSC Candidate of the economical sciences Competitiveness of the Russian ports.
Rating: 1238
30 March 2006
16:24sea5th Anniversary International Transport & Logistics Exhibition
YOUR MEETING POINT ON THE CROSSROADS OF EURASIA! 5th Anniversary Caspian International Exhibition and Conference Transport, Transit & Logistics 5th Anniversary International Transport & Logistics Exhibition will be held on 17-19 May 2006, Baku, Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is boarding with Russia in the North, Iran in the South, Turkey in the South-West, Georgia in the West, and Caspian Sea in the East.
Rating: 3421
10 December 2005
15:50seaGeneral Info
ORGANIZER: SUPPORTED BY: Federal Customs Service RF Federal Agencyfor Maritime and InlandWater Transport SPONSORS: III INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE "FREIGHT.TECH-2005: MODERN TECHNOLOGIES FOR FREIGHT INDUSTRY" Welcome to the Conference photo gallery! On November 24-25, 2005, SeaNews Information&Consulting held in St.
Rating: 6824
26 May 2005
11:45seaPresentation of the Klaipeda State Seaport Authority - Arturas Gaidauskas
Intermodal transportation development in the Baltic ports Arturas Gaidauskas Head of Representative Office of Klaipeda State Seaport Authority in Belarus Dear ladies and gentlemen, I am happy today to consider together with you the transport market segment, whose growth rate in the Eastern Baltic ports exceeds in percentage the average world parameters.
Rating: 1686
28 April 2005
ORGANIZER: SUPPORT: Federal Customs Service RF Federal Agencyfor Maritime and InlandWater Transport Primorie Kray Administration OFFICIAL SPONSOR: Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port DELIVERY SPONSOR: FREIGHT-2005: Far East, International conference April 15, 2005 Vladivostok PLENARY SESSION Welcoming speech of the Organizers Vladimir Shumilov, Morskoy Express Group President Welcoming speech of the Primorie Kray Administration Lev Panchenko, Head of Transport Department Welcoming speech of the General Consulate of Japan in Vladivostok Saito Daisuke, Attache Presentation of the Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port, JSC: "Correspondence of the strategic interests of the key players at the regional transportation market: business, power and society" Andrey Tokarev, Director for strategic development Presentation of the RF Ministry for Transport: "State policy for feeder shipment development" Nadezhda Zhikhareva, Department of the state policy for rail, maritime and inland water transport Presentation of the VICS: "Capacities of the terminal and infrastructure development" Michael Frydrych, General director Presentation of the Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port, JSC Vladimir Buzanov, Commercial director Presentation of the Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port, JSC: "Prospective for development of the optimized supply chains though the Far Eastern ports and Transsibirian mainline" Alexander Kononenko, Vice president Presentation of the Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port, JSC: "Some issues connected with development of the international transport corridors "Primorie-1", "Primorie-2" and using Primorie Kray ports for transit cargo flows" Vitaly Fomichev, Commercial director Presentation of the Russian logistic service - Far East, Ltd.: "Tendencies for logistic service development" Oleg Khaitarov, General director Presentation of the SeaNews analytical report "Stevedoring business of Russia and the neighboring states, 2005" Aleksey Bezborodov, Project director Presentation of the DNIIMF, JSC: "Models for development and prospective for Primorie ports" Yaroslav Semenikhin, General director Presentation of the Far Eastern Railway Evgeny Kachenko, Deputy chief of Far Eastern Center for Firm Service Presentation of the Far East Customs Committee Andrey Shapoval, Chief of the organization of customs registration and the customs control Department Presentation of the TransTeleCom Company: "Principles for information cooperation" Igor Dubrovin, Vice-president for cooperation with transportation companies Presentation of the SeaData: "Information system for logistics management" Andrey Samsonov, General director GENERAL INFORMATIONAL SPONSOR:   INFORMATIONAL SPONSOR:    
Rating: 3333
23 December 2004
2-nd ANNUAL CONFERENCE "FREIGHT.TECH-2004: Modern Technology for Freight Industry/Russia" 1st day - November 18, 2004: PLENARY SESSION The Conterra information system - new horizonts of the information cooperation, Alexey Ermolin, IT director, First Container Terminal Productivity and Profitability: The role of IT for the small and medium Terminal Operator, Mike Schwank, President, Tideworks Technology Inc. Information technologies in the transport business, their role in interaction with customers and influence on the service, Nikolay Popov, General director, OOCL Russia Ltd. Restructuring operations at the container terminal of Petrolesport JSC: management and information aspects, Alexey Tickin, Commercial director, Ilya Vorobyev, Director of economy, Petrolesport JSC The COSMOS infromation system for container terminals, Dr.
Rating: 4164
6 July 2004
15:18seaReport of Novoroslesexport JSC
Georgiy Antonyan CEO, Novoroslesexport. One of the basic development trends globally is economics globalization.
Rating: 1518
2 July 2004
16:27seaInfrastructure of multimodal transportation development: logistic centers
Alevtina Kirillova Director, Sungate JSC. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! First of all let me thank the conference organizers for this opportunity to speak to you of a burning question of the current state and perspectives of the intermodal container transportation. Any developed state's transport infrastructure is unthinkable without intermodal transportation.
Rating: 1638
23 June 2004
15:02seaDevelopment of FESCO's container lines in 2004
Sergey Kozlov Deputy CEO responsible for container transportation, Far-Eastern Shipping Corporation. Next year Far Eastern Shipping Company will celebrate its 125th anniversary.
Rating: 1336
25 February 2004
13:33seaI&S Caspian and Black Sea Transport 2004 Exhibition and Conference
Ministers and senior representatives from the Ministries of Transport, Railways and Maritime of Turkey, Russia, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Georgia will meet next year at a major annual Caspian and Black Sea transportation summit and exhibition in Istanbul on the 13-15th May 2004 to discuss regional co-operation and investment into the Black Sea and Caspian States' National and regional transportation networks and corridors.
Rating: 3805
25 November 2002
11:00customs8th International Transport&Logistics Conference TransRussia 2003
March 24-25 Moscow's Renaissance Hotel will be the venue of the 8th International Transport&Logistics Conference TransRussia 2003, which traditionally foreruns the largest in Russia and CIS transport exhibition. In the 8 years TransRussia has gained a reputation of the most important information event in the transport industry among the leading Russian and foreign market players.
Rating: 3339
16 September 2002
11:00seaFuture of the Baltic ports. Partnership in EU
Future of the Baltic ports.
Rating: 3706
6 June 2002
11:00seaHow to Solve Transport Problems on Geographic Information Basis
Russian Transport Academy October Railways SEVZAPGEOINFORM Center State Enterprise "Data+" Ltd. "Exhibitions.
Rating: 2680
21 March 2002
11:00Port SaidTransRussia 2002 Conference to Open March 25, Moscow.
March 21, 2002 Moscow International Transport&Logistics Conference TransRussia 2002 again will become one of the most significant events of the Russian transport industry in 2002.
Rating: 2299
19 March 2002
11:00seaTRANSTECH 2002
March 15, Moscow, the RF Transport Ministry held a session of the Organization Committee of the exhibition and sectional meetings TRANSTECH 2002, headed by the First Deputy RF Transport Ministry Anatoliy Nasonov. The members approved of the subjects and concepts of the exhibition and sectional meetings, targeted to the complex display of the conditions, outlooks, possibilities and advantages of the Russian transport in the transit and export/import trades, including trade on the International transport corridors East-West and North-South. TRANSTECH 2002 is to give a demonstration of the transport policy priorities of the Russian Federation, modernization programs of the Russian transport industry and its integration into the European and world transport systems. The exhibition program includes the sectional meeting "International transport sector of St.
Rating: 2053
21 December 2001
11:00seaTransRussia'2002 in Moscow
TransRussia'2002, the 7th Moscow International Transport and Logistics Exhibition will take place 25th - 28th March 2002 at the Olympiysky Sport Complex.
Rating: 2126
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