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17 May 2002
11:00customsSeaNews Club materialIT in Customs Clearance Process
Since July 2002 electronic declaration will be introduced in an experimental mode at two checkpoints of the Privolzhie Customs Administration, told SeaNews Lieutenant-General Anatoly V.
Rating: 256
24 April 2002
11:00customsSeaNews Club materialCustoms is an Instrument of the State
The customs bodies as such do not control foreign trade, they act as an instrument of the state, told SeaNews Lieutenant-General Anatoly V.
Rating: 223
23 April 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialSea Port of St. Petersburg: Results and Prospects
The general scheme of the Big Port of St.
Rating: 331
11 March 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialI. Rusu: St. Petersburg to Become Throughput Leader among Baltic Ports
In 2002, St.
Rating: 392
5 March 2002
11:00Port SaidSeaNews Club materialBaltic Transport Cooperation Prospects and Potential
The new ports recently launched in the Gulf of Finland will definitely influence the entire transport system in the area, believes Mr.
Rating: 343
26 February 2002
11:00Port SaidSeaNews Club materialPrimorsk: Far More than an Oil Terminal
As of February 26, Primorsk loaded 23 ships with some 1,800 thousand tons of crude. For details of the first operations and future prospects of the port please refer to the interview with Capt.
Rating: 308
13 February 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialOdessa Facility Modernization
The annual investments into the technical development of Odessa Sea Port, Ukraine, are planned to equal 35-40%. For details of the handling facilities development plan and the practice adopted by the state owned port in relations with the private operators please refer to the interview with Vitaly A.
Rating: 269
5 February 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialEvery Business Must Earn Money
Today's SeaNews INTERVIEW section features an interview with Alexander B.
Rating: 409
18 January 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialYuzhny Expects Tankers
Successful operations of the terminal and the Odessa-Brody oil pipeline entirely depend on whether the Ukraine will manage to use their capacities to the full and to find consumers.
Rating: 291
5 December 2001
11:00exportSeaNews Club materialCPC Red Cloth for OPEC
The Caspian Pipeline Consortium is to export Kazakh oil.
Rating: 227
19 November 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialPilotage in Russian Ports
Resolution N538 of the RF Government is aimed at establishing the legal basis for non-state pilotage organizations' activities, thus guaranteeing these organizations may continue operating and developing, told SeaNews Vyacheslav V.
Rating: 239
9 November 2001
11:00Port SaidSeaNews Club materialMinister on Development of Russia's Far East Transport Sector
The coming of seriously-minded Russian financial industry groups into the port business should be viewed as a good sign, believes Sergey O.
Rating: 313
5 November 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialNovorossiysk Port Web Conference
SeaNews has received answers to the questions you asked the Novorossiysk Commercial Seaport JSC management during our web press conference.
Rating: 298
15 October 2001
11:00InterviewSeaNews Club materialUDSCo Development Plan Underway
Today's SeaNews INTERVIEWS section features an interview with Pyotr Suvorov, President of Ukrainian Danube Shipping Co JSC, on the company fleet development program and cargo base organization. // SeaNews
Rating: 162
21 September 2001
11:00Port SaidSeaNews Club materialUkraine: Ports to Help Combat Crisis in Marine Industry
Today's SeaNews INTERVIEWS section features our correspondent's conversation with Nikolay Dmitrishin, chief specialist of the Ukrainian state department of marine and river transport, drawing a line under the Ukrainian ports' activities in the 10 years of the country's independence. // SeaNews
Rating: 204
6 September 2001
11:00transitSeaNews Club materialOdessa Region's Problems Reflecting the Problems of the Danube Transport Hub
In the corresponding section SeaNews features an interview with the head of the Odessa regional administration transport complex chief Sergey Podurets on the problems of the European transit via the Big Odessa and on the Ukrainian shipping in the direction of the Danube countries.
Rating: 153
30 August 2001
11:00Port SaidSeaNews Club materialRussian Vessels Develop Arctic Mainline
The Murmansk motor vessel Victor Tkachev implemented the through voyage along the whole stretch of the Northern seaway.
Rating: 296
29 August 2001
11:00Port SaidSeaNews Club materialIgor Rusu: "The one, who goes forward, will master the way"
In the corresponding section SeaNews has published an interview with Mr.
Rating: 221
20 August 2001
11:00Port SaidSeaNews Club materialBig Port St. Petersburg Our Strategy
Today's SeaNews INTERVIEWS section features our interview with Captain Mikhail V.
Rating: 173
8 August 2001
11:00InterviewSeaNews Club materialNew IASC Chairman with New Strategy
Today's SeaNews INTERVIEWS section features a conversation with Nikolay A.
Rating: 134
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