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19 September 2006
14:45seaSeaNews Club materialPRISCO To Build Tankers
Primorsk Shipping Company plans to order 2 Suezmax tankers by 2008.
Rating: 1247
2 February 2006
10:51PrimorskSeaNews Club materialPrimorsk Shipping to Move
On February 1 2006 Alexander Kirilichev, company board Chairman of the Primorsk Shipping Company JSC declared about the possible deregistration of the company at Sakhalin, reports Kommersant. The Primorsk Kray budget losses can make 33 mn rubles.
Rating: 774
24 May 2004
13:19seaSeaNews Club materialPRISCO Holds AGM
May 21, 2004, the annual general meeting of Primorsk Shipping Co was held.
Rating: 322
19 May 2004
11:27duesSeaNews Club materialPersonnel Changes in PRISCO
On May 18, 2004 Board of Directors of the Primorsk Shipping Corporation took decision on the pre-term resignation of Alexander Kirilichev, General Director of the company, due to his personal application and wish to devote himself in the capacity of the Chairman of the Board of Directors to the settlement of the most important for the Company questions - strategic development of PRISCO and its subsidiaries, promotion of the fleet building program. According to the press department of PRISCO, Sergey Popravko, Senior Deputy General Director, Director of Fleet Department was elected General Director of PRISCO.
Rating: 462
7 April 2004
10:42seaSeaNews Club materialAnnual Meeting of Shareholders of PRISCO
Annual meeting of shareholders of the Primorsk Shipping Corporation (PRISCO) will be held on May 21, 2004.
Rating: 540
26 December 2003
12:10seaSeaNews Club materialPRISCO: Results of 2003
At the press conference devoted to the 2003 year's results Alexander Kirilichev, Primorsk Shipping Co JSC (PRISCO) CEO, informed that the company performed successfully in 2003 and reported that the company is to break the record of 2001, when PRISCO carried 10.4 mn tons.
Rating: 477
29 January 2003
11:00PrimorskSeaNews Club materialPRISCO Expanding Sphere of Influence
The profit of Primorsk Shipping Corp.
Rating: 471
16 January 2003
11:00PrimorskSeaNews Club materialPRISCO Stock in the Market
Primorsk Shipping Corp.
Rating: 981
11 November 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialPRISCO Fleet to Expand
The director general of JSC Primorsk Shipping Corporation (PRISCO) Alexander Kirilichev confirmed that PRISCO will build new ships to serve the contracts already concluded, which is the main principle of the company's chartering policy. In the near future, the corporation plans to put six more tankers into operation, the press-service of PRISCO has reported.
Rating: 626
9 October 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialPRISCO Denies Shareholding Changes
Primorsk Shipping Company, JSC (PRISCO) in person of Director General Alexander Kirilichev claims that the information on supposedly intended changes in the shareholding and merging with other companies, released by some foreign and Russian media, are incorrect. PRISCO refutes the information on ongoing buying up of the company's major shares, as there is actually no offer on the market although the demand is high. The demand on PRISCO's shares is quite explained by their high liquidity with the price increased by 400% over the last year. PRISCO indicated the successful development and good results of its 30 year operations and 10 year experience as a private company.
Rating: 406
26 June 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialPRISCO Board New Members
The annual general meeting of Primorsk Shipping Co JSC (PRISCO) of June 21 decided on dividends to be paid as per the results 2001 at 0.8 rubles per a share with a face value of 25 rubles.
Rating: 425
31 October 2001
11:00chemical cargoSeaNews Club materialPRISCO Awards Ship Management of 7 Vessels to V-Ships
Primorsk Shipping Corporation of Nakhodka, the Russian-based shipowner and operator has appointed V.Ships, Singapore as technical manager to seven crude/product and product/chemical carriers. V.
Rating: 472
29 June 2001
11:00seaPRISCO Shareholders' Annual Meeting
June 29 2001 the annual meeting of Primorsk Shipping Corporation (PRISCO) shareholders was held in Nakhodka in accordance with the PRISCO Board decision.
Rating: 1256
14 May 2001
11:00seaPRISCO Signs Credit Agreement on Tanker Construction
Beginning of May Mr.
Rating: 908
28 December 2000
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialPRISCO Builds New Tankers
On December 12, 2000 the Primorskoe Morskoe Parochodstvo shipping company (PRISCO) signed an agreement with the Croatian BRODOSPLIT shipyard on the construction of two 108,000-ton Aframax oil tankers.
Rating: 246
25 December 2000
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialPMP Builds Up Revenues and Fleet
The Primorskoe Morskoe Parokhodstvo (PMP) shipping company has earned in 2000 12% more than it did in 1999.
Rating: 231
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