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3 August 2006
13:09seaSeaNews Club materialTransport Ministry Grants Bonus for Ferry Operators
The RF Ministry of transport has granted a 50% discount on carrying oil and products to the Azov and Black Sea ports from the tariff on rail transportation. The discount is valid until December 31, 2006.
Rating: 1195
31 July 2006
13:39Port SaidSeaNews Club materialLiquid Bulk Down, Dry Cargoes Up at Feodosia
Feodosia Commercial Seaport in Half 1 206 handled 825,000 tons of cargo against 766,100 tons in H1 2005, told Reuters Sytanislav Andrusenko, head of the planning and economics department of the port. Ol and products in January-June were down to 173,400 tons against 256,300 tons in h1 2005.
Rating: 975
14 July 2006
17:47Port SaidSeaNews Club materialFeodosia Port Posts Results
In H1 2006 the Feodosia Commercial Seaport (Ukraine) handled 825 th.tons of cargoes (+7,7% year-on-year). The port handled 460,9 th.tons of building materials (+16,5%), 170,7 th.tons of ferrous metals (2,2 time growth).
Rating: 877
14 February 2006
11:10Port SaidSeaNews Club materialCargo Handling of Feodosia Port
In 2005 Feodosia port reduced the cargo handling results down to 1,361 mn tons (against 5,334 mn tons in 2004), according to Reuters. The port reduced the oil handling volumes to 432 th.tons (in 2004 4.236 mn tons was handled).
Rating: 724
26 December 2005
14:04Port SaidSeaNews Club materialLosses of Feodosia Port
In January-September 2005 the losses of the Feodosia Commercial Seaport (Ukraine) made $65 th.
Rating: 649
3 November 2005
17:18Port SaidSeaNews Club materialThroughput of Feodosia Port
Feodosia Commercial Seaport reduced the oil products handling in January-September 2005 down to 315.1 th.tons.
Rating: 1017
6 July 2005
17:26projectsSeaNews Club materialNew Pilot Ship for Delta Lotsman
The Primorets Shipyard JSC (Feodosia, Crimea) launched a lead ship of the series of the speed pilot vessels to the order of the state enterprise Delta Lotsman.
Rating: 742
14 June 2005
12:54Port SaidSeaNews Club materialFeodosia Port Announces Results
According to the Ukrainian Ministry of transport and communications, in January-May 2005 the Feodosia port handled 0.694 mn tons of cargo (-83% year-on-year).
Rating: 624
29 March 2005
14:09Port SaidSeaNews Club materialShips Collide in Dardanelles
On March 29 two ships collided in the southern part of the Dardanelles strait.
Rating: 595
24 January 2005
09:48Port SaidSeaNews Club materialPort of Feodosia Posts Results
According to the Ukrainian Ministry of transport and communications, in 2004 the throughput of the port of Feodosia amounted to 5,334 mn tons (-51% year-on-year). The reduction is connected with the Russian crude oil handling decrease.
Rating: 711
24 September 2004
16:36Port SaidSeaNews Club materialUkrzaliznytsya Opens Crimea Port
According to the Ukrainian State rail transport administration, Ukrzaliznytsya, the railway station rimea is to be opened for international rail and ferry traffic.
Rating: 534
26 August 2004
10:25Port SaidSeaNews Club materialLiguid Bulk Handling in Ukrainian Ports
According to the Ukrainian transport and communications Ministry, the volumes of liquid bulk handled by the ports of Ukraine during the 7 months amounted to 18.274 mln.
Rating: 557
28 July 2004
17:33Port SaidSeaNews Club materialLiquid Bulk Handling Reduces
According to the State maritime and inland shipping department of the Ukrainian transport ministry Ukrmorrechflot, the volume of liquid bulk handling by the 18 ports amounted to 16.223 mln.
Rating: 424
27 July 2004
10:29seaSeaNews Club materialPort of Feodosia Reduces Oil Handling
According to the Ukrainian State maritime and inland shipping department Ukrmorrechflot, the volume of the oil handling via Feodosia Commercial Sea Port amounted to 3.861 mln.
Rating: 359
24 May 2004
13:05Port SaidSeaNews Club materialRail Transit to Ukrainian Ports
According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Transport, in Quarter 1 2004, the rail transit designated for the country's ports amounted to 9.4 mn tons, increasing by 2.4% year-on-year.
Rating: 305
22 July 2003
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialDiscounts on Transit Cargo Handling at Ukrainian Ports
The Ukrainian Ministry of transport has granted discounts from the transit cargo handling rates in 16 out of the 18 Ukrainian state controlled ports (excluding Yalta and Sevastopol) and in the Fishery port of Kerch.
Rating: 527
17 July 2003
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialPilotage Tugboat for Feodosia Sea Port
Chernomorsky Shipyard is completing the building of the deep-sea pilotage tugboat Atlant for Sea Port of Feodosiya.
Rating: 368
18 June 2003
11:00Port SaidSeaNews Club materialUkrainian Rail Freight to Ports
The planned export and transit rail freight to Ukrainian seaports in June 2003 is, according to the Ukraine's Transport Ministry, 7.01 mn tons (+10.3 year-on-year and -3.6% on May 2003). 2.337 mn tons of the volume is metals, 1.844 mn tons is oil and products, 0.959 mn tons is coal, 0.166 mn tons is coke, 0.522 mn tons is mineral fertilizers, and 0.39 mn tons is ore.
Rating: 535
23 May 2003
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialUkrainian Fleet Construction in Nikolaev
According to the results of the visit paid in May by the Ukrainian Transport Minister Georgy Kirpa to Nikolaev where the major shipbuilding capacities under privatization are concentrated (Black Sea Shipyard, 61st Communard Shipyard), the Nikolaev region will become the core region for the construction of the Ukrainian national fleet.
Rating: 549
19 May 2003
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialUkraine's Ports: Transit Dynamics
According to the Ukrainian Transport Ministry's Department of Sea and River Transport, the volume of transit cargoes carried via Ukraine's state ports (18 ports) in the first quarter of 2003 made up 13.187 mn tons (+23.1% on the same period of the previous year).
Rating: 660
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