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26 June 2008
17:06refrigerated cargoSeaNews Club materialWill Sanctions Influence Refrigerated Cargo Traffic?

Or not?

Rating: 311
19 June 2008
14:00containerSeaNews Club materialBack Load SECU Boxes

Food companies import goods in Stora Enso containers

Rating: 370
24 July 2007
19:06seaSeaNews Club materialIs VMTP Deal a Trend?
On 23 July it became widely known that the shareholders of the private company Port-Active at their extraordinary meeting approved the acquisition of 50% in the authorized capital of M-Port, which controls Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port (VMTP).
Rating: 2695
15 March 2007
13:43seaSeaNews Club materialMoby Dick to Increase Its Turnover
During January-February of 2007 Moby Dick, LTD handled 274,7 thousand tons of cargo.
Rating: 989
13:37seaSeaNews Club materialPetrolesport, JSC: +11% during 2 Months
During the first 2 months the turnover of Petrolesport increased by 11% and totaled 897,3 thousand tons as compared with the last year's same period. Timber and logs handling increased by 1% (up to 223,5 thousand tons), containerized cargo - by 30% (up to 461,4 thousand tons).
Rating: 961
13:18seaSeaNews Club materialBig Port of Saint-Petersburg: 2 Months' Result
During the first 2 months of the current year the stevedores of the Big Port of Saint-Petersburg handled 7 963,9 thousand tons of cargo.
Rating: 1072
12 March 2007
17:52seaSeaNews Club materialNovorossiysk Port: Results of January-February
During the first 2 months of the year 2007, the joint turnover of all operators of Novorossiysk port complex amounted to 18624,3 thousand tons.
Rating: 1069
7 March 2007
11:26seaSeaNews Club materialKlaipeda's Turnover: 2 Months' Result
During January-February of the current year the turnover of Klaipeda increased by 13,7% up to до 4 092,9 thousand tons.
Rating: 1420
6 March 2007
13:28seaSeaNews Club materialNew Owner and New MD at Petrolesport
Severstaltrans Group has announced closing the deal on the acquisition of Petrolesport JSC, St.
Rating: 2498
14 February 2007
19:18seaSeaNews Club materialTurnover of Moby Dick: January Results 2007
139.4 thousand tons of cargo were handled by Moby Dick, LTD in January of the current year.
Rating: 536
18:54seaSeaNews Club materialTurnover of Sea Port St. Petersburg in January 2007
The turnover of Seaport St.
Rating: 615
17:55seaSeaNews Club materialPetrolesport's Results in January 2007
Petrolesport JSC handled 454 thousand tons in January of the current year.
Rating: 505
10:48seaSeaNews Club materialBig Port of St. Petersburg: January Results
According to the January results of the current year, the Big Port of St.
Rating: 1056
12 February 2007
19:06Port SaidSeaNews Club materialNovorossiysk Seaport: January Results
The aggregate cargo turnover of the stevedores of Novorossiysk seaport increased by 2,8% up to 9 323,7 thousand tons in January of the current year. Export was 6 113,6 thousand tons (-3,7%), transit - 2 030,4 thousand tons (-19,9%), and import increased up to 1 179,8 thousand tons (growth by 6,3 times) By January results the bulk-oil cargo turnover stayed practically on the last year's level - 7 056,4 thousand tons.
Rating: 581
14:21Port SaidSeaNews Club materialVladivostok Stevedores' Throughput
In January 2007 all the stevedores of the Vladivostok port handled 655.5 thousand tons.
Rating: 1118
6 February 2007
11:56seaSeaNews Club materialPanama Canal Plan Shows Steep Toll Rise
Panama Canal tolls are to increase by an average of 10% a year until 2009, under the new rate plan announced on Friday by the canal authority (ACP).
Rating: 1011
1 February 2007
16:27seaSeaNews Club materialBig Port of St. Petersburg Closed - in Parts
Rating: 1915
12 January 2007
14:03containerSeaNews Club materialNovorossiysk Port Throughput
In 2006 the port of Novorossiysk handled 113.552 mn tons, a 0.5% plus over the result for 2005. The insignificant overall increase is due to the lower volumes of dry goods traffic via the port (25.685 mn tons, -2.4% year-on-year). Mineral fertilizers were down by 31.2% to 1.407 mn tons, ore - by 47.7% to 1.038 mn tons. Grains dropped by 3% to 4.872 mn tons, sugar raw - by 2.4% to 1.225 mn tons, timber and logs - by 39% to 25.429 mn tons and non-ferrous metals - by 7.1% to 875.7 thousand tons. Ferrous metals were up by 8.8% to 9.542 mn tons, containers - by 39% to 25.429 mn tons, refrigerated cargo - by 4.6% to 555.8 thousand tons. Liquid bulk increased by 1.3% to 87.868 mn tons.
Rating: 1067
14 December 2006
17:10Port SaidSeaNews Club materialThroughput of St.Petersburg Seaport JSC in 11 Months
In January-November 2006 the St.Petersburg Seaport JSC handled 10.735 th.tons having reduced the volumes by 10.8%. Export made 8.681 th.tons (-14% year-on-year).
Rating: 753
13:03Port SaidSeaNews Club materialThroughput of St.Petersburg Fishery Port Ltd
In January-November 2006 the throughput of the St.Petersburg based Fishery Seaport Ltd.
Rating: 692
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