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Deal transport corridor inland shipping Container line rolling stock cargo handling Road FREIGHT-2005:Far East dues logistics transit Container terminal Import customs conference projects export container Rail sea
5 May 2008
15:42cargo handlingSeaNews Club materialCargo Turnover of Murmansk Commercial Sea Port

In April 2008

Rating: 262
1 April 2008
16:34MurmanskSeaNews Club materialMurmansk Transport Hub to Spend a Lot of Money

For development

Rating: 425
30 November 2007
15:54RailSeaNews Club materialNakhodka Commercial Sea Port Pays Attention to Rail Infrastructure
Rating: 275
1 November 2007
16:35ImportSeaNews Club materialNakhodka Increased Import Cargo Turnover
Rating: 573
29 October 2007
16:56NakhodkaSeaNews Club materialEvraz Group Became 100% Owner of Nakhodka Port
Rating: 677
16 March 2007
17:29seaSeaNews Club materialNakhodka Commercial Sea Port: Saw-Timber Handling Up
As the press-service of Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port, JSC told SeaNews, in January-February of 2007 saw-timber handling increased in the Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port. During the 2 months of the current year there was handled 90 thousand cub.m of saw-timber.
Rating: 523
10 December 2005
Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy Technology and Organization of Transportations' faculty Vadim Prokofiev, Professor, Candidate of Technical Science Aldata Solutions Finland Oy Jerry Ketola, Sales Manager, Supply Chain Management Azovtransflotservice JSC Alexey Ragulin, CEO BaltContainer JSC Alexander Korovchenko, Commercial Director Baltic Customs Konstantin Kondrashev, Head of the IT Department Baltic State Academy of Fhishing Fleet Leonid Meiler, Head of Organization of Transportations' Sub-faculty BaltTransService JSC Sergey Polikarpov, Commercial Director Andrey Turba, Director of Samara office Elena Shifrina, Manager of Yaroslavl office Center of transport service, Russian Railways JSC Konstantin Lunev, Deputy Chief Commercial centre, transport and les Vladimir Tsimbal, Director Containersips Saint-Petersburg JSC Dmitry Komov, Deputy Director Convey plus, telecommunication company JSC Ilja Kabanov, CEO Customs Logistics Center JSC Vladimir Tkachev, Director CV-Logistic JSC 1 representative Detsima JSC Andrey Ivanov, Director Domodedovo-Terminal JSC Sergey Zorya, Project Manager Pavel Kajarov, Head of the IS Cargo Handling Group East Line Handling JSC Evgeny Raevsky, Deputy CEO on Cargo Transportation Elcom JSC Anatoly Pribluda, CEO Elena Blohina, Sales Manager Emirates Airline, SCC Branch office Dmitry Salichev, Cargo Manager Russia Escort-Center SPb JSC Sergey Fadeev, Deputy CEO Eurosib SPb - Transport systems JSC Leonid Yusim, IS&T Manager Eurosib, Management Company JSC Alexander Puchkov, Deputy CEO on Customs Eurosib-TEst JSC Andrey Andreev, Head of the Container Department Victor Neelov, Project Manager Konstantin Saburov, Deputy Project Head Alexander Veselov, Technical Director Far-Eastern Shipping Corporation JSC Sergey Kozlov, First Deputy CEO Federal Agency of Railway Transport, NW territorail administration Vitaly Mihno, Director of the Department Konstantin Kosenko, Deputy Head Federal Customs Services Leonid Ukhlinov, Head of the Central IT Department, Doctor of Technical Science Andrey Korovin, Deputy Head of the Central Customs Supervision Department First Container Terminal JSC Alexey Ermolin, IT Director Alexey Sidorenko, Commercial Director Independent expert Nikolay Pinchuk Innovation Logistic Center, Non-profit-making partnership Gennady Zubakov, Chairman of board Intertechport JSC, Saint-Petersburg Sea Port JSC Nikolay Fedorov, CEO Intertrans JSC Sergey Asheulov, Director, Independent Expert Klaipeda stevedoring company KLASCO Gediminas Rubys, Head of the Production Control Department Richardas Jankunas, Chief Technologist Kommersant in Saint-Petersburg JSC Ivan Stupachenko, Correspondent of the Business Department Lenmorniiproject JSC Irina Serova, Senior Specialist Vladimir Izoitko, Senior Specialist on the Warehouse Logistic Natalia Trainina, Senior Specialist Sergey Semenov, Director on Planning and Production Organization Maersk JSC Evgeny Rogachev, CEO, NW region, RF Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works JSC Rustam Giniyatullin, Specialist MET Limited Andrey Samoilov, CEO Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, RF Evgeny Drachev, Senior Expert of Transport Conversion and Communication Department Ministry of Transport, RF Sergey Bystrov, Assistant of the Director of the Infrastructure Development and Investment Department Valery Antonov, Head of the Investment Policy Department Modern mechanization research center JSC Alexander Kuznetsov, CEO, Professor Morskoy Express Group Vladimir Shumilov, President Igor Ponomarev, Corporate Customer Service Manager MTzFER-consulting JSC Maxim Kostandi, First Deputy CEO Nikolay Kononihin, Commercial Director Maxim Panin, Deputy Director Christina Kiriy, Junior Marketing Manager Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port JSC Yuri Makogon, Production Director National Container Company JSC Igor Rusu, CEO North-western Customs Administration Alexey Chuplanov, Head of the IT Department, Colonel of the Customs Service Irina Timashkova, Deputy Head of the IT Department, Lieutenant Colonel of the Customs Service Novije Rubezhi, magazine Veronica Pennanen, Publisher Marina Koluyartseva, Director OOCL (Russia) Ltd. Nikolay Popov, CEO Luo Liwei, Manager Nikolay Bykov, Head of the Sales Department Optima eXchange Services JSC Yusev Salama, Head of the Analitical and Marketing Department Orimi-Logistics JSC Anton Khrustalev, CEO OZD, branch of the Russian Railways JSC Sergey Pugachev, Deputy Head of the data-processing center - Head of the information logistic center Sergey Ievlev, Deputy Chief, Transportation Service PETROLESPORT JSC Dmitry Makarevich, Deputy Head of the Container Terminal Evgeny Bashkirov, Deputy Head on the runtime work Andrey Kukushin, Cargo Operations Senior Manager Ilya Vorobiev, Economi Director Igor Ramazanov, IT Consultant Port of Hamburg Dmitry Vasilyev, Head of the representative office, Saint-Petersburg PulkovoCargo Terminal JSC Alexey Sakhno, Head of Sales and Marketing Alexey Sarin, System Administrator Rolis JSC Evgeny Maison, Director Maxim Yakovenko, Development Director Rosmorport State-controlled company Rodion Gryazev Rosmorport, State-controlled company, Vyborg-Vysotsk branch Alexander Nedviga, Director Alexander Kazakov, Deputy Director Saint-Petersburg City Administration Committee for Transport and Transit Policy Natalya Bagaeva, Deputy Chairman Andrey Karpov, Chairman Saint-Petersburg Government Ilya Ivanov, Deputy Chief of the City Economy Management, Chief of the Transport Economics and Communication Department Saint-Petersburg Sea Port JSC Alexey Parhomov, Expert of the Marketing Department Nikolay Bulgakov, Commercial Director Sergey Vishniakov, Strategic Development Director Saint-Petersburg State Architectural-Construction University Olga Popova, Associate Professor Andrey Gorev, Head of Organization of Transportations' Sub-faculty SDI JSC Alexander Yazvitsev, Administrator of storehouses SeaNews JSC Tatiana Polukarova, Director of the FREIGHT Conferences Marina Beloglazova, CEO Erkina Petrova, Project Manager Alexandra Mironova, Conference Specialist Olga Dudij, Project Manager Victoria Mikhailova, Conference Specialist SeaTelecom Irina Suhareva Alexander Nikitin, Development Director Sheremetyevo-Cargo JSC Vladimir Voronin, Deputy CEO SITA INC. Igor Metropolsky, Customers Service Manager Solvo JSC Elena Grebenschikova, CEO Armen Yeritsyan, Head of the Development Department Vladimir Matvienko, Marketing Manager Rimma Trapulenis, Head of the Marketing Department Southern Customs Administration Dmitry Kuzmin, Chief of the IT Department Sovmortrans JSC Vitaly Terekhov, Head of the IT Department Sun Microsystems, Saint-Petersburg office Igor Mavrin, Regional Manager, NW Federal District Natalia Zheleznyh, Head of the Government Authorities Work Department Taganrog Shipyard JSC Sergey Gorodetsky, Head of the Foreign-economic Activity Department Danila Yasnev, Head of the Logistics Department TAMGA JSC Valery Boluchenko, CEO TBA Nederland BV Remmelt Thijs, Project Manager Terminal, Magazine Alexander Smirnov, Editor Trans Logistic Consult JSC Nikolay Gubernatorov, Head of the Transport and Forwarding Department Trans-Business Broker JSC Artur Yamalov, CEO Translogistic JSC Igor Inzhevatov, Manager TransTeleCom Company JSC Svetlana Babushkina, Specialist Sergey Ananko, Head of the Department Igor Dubrovin, Vice-president Boris Kunin, First Vice-president Vladivistok Fishery Sea Port JSC Dmitry Zhulanov, CEO Alexander Mukhin, Deputy CEO on Exploitation Igor Timifeev, Head of IT and Telecommunication Department Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port Vyatcheslav Ekimtsov, IT and Communications Director
Rating: 5413
29 April 2005
16:56seaInternational conference "FREIGHT-2005: Far East"
ORGANIZER: SUPPORT: Federal Customs Service RF Federal Agencyfor Maritime and InlandWater Transport Primorie Kray Administration OFFICIAL SPONSOR: Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port DELIVERY SPONSOR: On April 15, 2005 SeaNews Information & Consulting held the International Conference "FREIGHT-2005: Far East" in Vladivostok.
Rating: 8222
28 April 2005
ORGANIZER: SUPPORT: Federal Customs Service RF Federal Agencyfor Maritime and InlandWater Transport Primorie Kray Administration OFFICIAL SPONSOR: Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port DELIVERY SPONSOR: FREIGHT-2005: Far East, International conference April 15, 2005 Vladivostok PLENARY SESSION Welcoming speech of the Organizers Vladimir Shumilov, Morskoy Express Group President Welcoming speech of the Primorie Kray Administration Lev Panchenko, Head of Transport Department Welcoming speech of the General Consulate of Japan in Vladivostok Saito Daisuke, Attache Presentation of the Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port, JSC: "Correspondence of the strategic interests of the key players at the regional transportation market: business, power and society" Andrey Tokarev, Director for strategic development Presentation of the RF Ministry for Transport: "State policy for feeder shipment development" Nadezhda Zhikhareva, Department of the state policy for rail, maritime and inland water transport Presentation of the VICS: "Capacities of the terminal and infrastructure development" Michael Frydrych, General director Presentation of the Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port, JSC Vladimir Buzanov, Commercial director Presentation of the Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port, JSC: "Prospective for development of the optimized supply chains though the Far Eastern ports and Transsibirian mainline" Alexander Kononenko, Vice president Presentation of the Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port, JSC: "Some issues connected with development of the international transport corridors "Primorie-1", "Primorie-2" and using Primorie Kray ports for transit cargo flows" Vitaly Fomichev, Commercial director Presentation of the Russian logistic service - Far East, Ltd.: "Tendencies for logistic service development" Oleg Khaitarov, General director Presentation of the SeaNews analytical report "Stevedoring business of Russia and the neighboring states, 2005" Aleksey Bezborodov, Project director Presentation of the DNIIMF, JSC: "Models for development and prospective for Primorie ports" Yaroslav Semenikhin, General director Presentation of the Far Eastern Railway Evgeny Kachenko, Deputy chief of Far Eastern Center for Firm Service Presentation of the Far East Customs Committee Andrey Shapoval, Chief of the organization of customs registration and the customs control Department Presentation of the TransTeleCom Company: "Principles for information cooperation" Igor Dubrovin, Vice-president for cooperation with transportation companies Presentation of the SeaData: "Information system for logistics management" Andrey Samsonov, General director GENERAL INFORMATIONAL SPONSOR:   INFORMATIONAL SPONSOR:    
Rating: 3339
Akira JSC Vladislav Chernishov, Head of the Logistics department Alliance, Transport Logistic and Consulting JSC Evgeny Verkhoxin, Development director Boris Popov, Deputy director of transport logistics Daltransservice JSC Valery Veselov, CEO Eduard Kukin, Deputy CEO Alexander Nim, Head of the Forwarding and Logisics department DNIIMF JSC Jaroslav Semenikhin, CEO Eurosib SPb-Transport Systems JSC Evgeny Zhukov, Head of Nakhodka office Emin Jagubov, Manager, Nakhodka office Express Trans Service JSC Igor Kostukvov, Director Far East Customs Committee Andrey Shapoval, Chief of the organization of customs registration and the customs control department Far Eastern Group JSC Sergey Shindenkov, Deputy CEO Far Eastern Railway Galina Vasilenko, Head of the International sector, Vladivostok department Evgeny Kashenko, Deputy chief of Far Eastern Center for Firm Service Alexander Redko, Head of the Marketing department Far-Eastern Shipping Corporation JSC Sergey Kostyan, Head of Container lines department Formag Group JSC Ilya Imaev, Sales manager Maxim Shatalin, Director General Consulate of Japan in Vladivostok Saito Daisuke, Attache Glavtransport JSC Larisa Shanina, CEO ING Bank (Eurasia) JSC Victor Tumanov, Vice-president InterTrans Company JSC Galina Agafonova, Executive director Kamchatka Lines JSC Sergey Bogatyrev, CEO Yuri Kislitsin, Director of the fleet KKC JSC Sergey Kazantsev, CEO Maersk JSC Nikolay Korniyuk, Head of Vladivostok department Masan Rus Trading JSC Maria Ganzha, Director of the Logistic department MCT Shopping Service JSC Vladimir Petrukhin, Head of the Forwarder department Mechel Trans JSC Oleg Harulyn, Manager, Khabarovsk department Mekona JSC Yuri Makogon, CEO Ministry of Economical Development And Commerce, Russian Federation Andrey Babko, Representative, Primorie Kray Ministry of Transportation, Russian Federation Nadezhda Zhihareva, Department of the state policy for rail, maritime and inland water transport Mivitrans Logistics JSC Alexander Sharapko, Director Moneron JSC Alexey Orekhov, CEO Morskoy Express Group Vladimir Shumilov, President Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port JSC Vladimir Buzanov, Commercial director Lilia Oblasova, Press secretary Alexander Shevchenko, Director of the production process Neocont JSC Victor Velichko, CEO NHK, broadcasting of Japan Isikava Sinsuke, Chief correspondent Novaya Perevozochnaya Company JSC Valery Lemeshevsky, Deputy CEO Oriental Shipping Agency Co., Ltd.
Rating: 4312
9 July 2004
10:55seaSeaNews Club materialFinancial activities of Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port
According to Nakhodka Sea Commercial Port JSC, the company's net assets as of the first quarter of 2004 amounted to 987 387 thousand rubles, exceeding the same period of 2003 by 12 736 thousand rubles. The ports throughput during the first quarter amounted to 2,195.4 thousand tons, the income made 263 875 thousand rubles.
Rating: 292
26 December 2003
15:09seaSeaNews Club materialNakhodka Commercial Sea Port: Results and Prospects
On December 24 Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port JSC handled 6 mn tons, while the annual target was stated at 5.3 mn tons.
Rating: 527
21 August 2003
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialNakhodka Commercial Sea Port Exceeds Target Figures
According to Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port JSC, on August 20, 2003, the ports handling volume exceeded 4 mn tons, while the year's target is 5.3 mn tons.
Rating: 450
20 May 2003
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialNakhodka Commercial Sea Port's New Board of Directors
The director general of Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port OJSC Geliy Myasnikov has become the sole representative of the port management to be elected into the Board of Directors at the company's annual shareholders meeting held on May 16, 2003.
Rating: 465
25 October 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialFar Eastern Ports Extend Capacity
Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port, JSC intends a project on the facilities reconstruction and conversion to boost the handling capacity up to 2 ml t. The shareholders of the port of Vostochny plan to invest over $70 ml to increase the port's throughput up to 28 ml t per year.
Rating: 481
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