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10 July 2008
11:54MurmanskSeaNews Club materialMurmansk Fishery Port Not to Be Privatized

RF Government decided

Rating: 313
17 January 2008
16:53MurmanskSeaNews Club materialMurmansk Fishery Port to Be Sold
Rating: 317
8 October 2007
14:09cargo handlingSeaNews Club materialMurmansk Fishery Port: 9 Months Result
Rating: 263
4 October 2007
20:07GazpromSeaNews Club materialMurmansk Fishing Port to Serve Gazprom?
Rating: 373
3 October 2007
17:00portsSeaNews Club materialMurmansk Fishery Port to Be Special Economic Zone
Rating: 310
10 November 2006
16:54Port SaidSeaNews Club materialMurmansk Fishery Port Posts Results
In the 10 months of 2006 Murmansk Fishery Seaport JSC handled 500 th.tons of cargoes, including 171 th.tons of fish, almost the same result as in 2005.
Rating: 517
22 March 2006
15:31seaSeaNews Club materialMurmansk Fishery Port Announces Results
In January-February 2006 the throughput of the Murmansk Fishery Seaport amounted to 210.7 th.tons of cargo including 19.9 th.tons of fish.
Rating: 522
25 January 2006
10:33seaSeaNews Club materialNorwegian Vessel Calls Murmansk Fishery Port
On January 26, 2006 the Norwegian vessel "Svartfoss" will call at the Murmansk Fishery Port.
Rating: 498
28 November 2005
11:13Port SaidSeaNews Club materialThroughput of Murmansk Fishery Port
In January-October 2005 the throughput of the federal state unitary enterprise Murmansk Fishery port amounted to 1,908.3 th.tons of cargo having increased significantly.
Rating: 605
27 October 2005
13:33Port SaidSeaNews Club materialMurmansk Port Loses Oil
In January-September 2005 Tangra Oil Ltd, the largest oil operator in the Murmansk port reduced the crude oil handling volumes by 67.5% down to 980 th.
Rating: 568
20 October 2005
12:19Port SaidSeaNews Club materialMurmansk Fishery Port to be Privatized
Murmansk Fishery Port, which is a federal unitary enterprise, is to be privatized in Half 1 2006, told SeaNews a source in the port. Originally, it was planned to privatize the port in 2005, but the staff protested.
Rating: 1182
12 August 2005
14:27seaSeaNews Club materialThroughput of Murmansk Fishery Port
In January-June 2005 the throughput of the Federal state unitary enterprise Murmansk Fishery Seaport amounted to 1,275.1 th.tons of cargo (+44% year-on-year). During the reported period the throughput of fish made 87.6 th.
Rating: 669
1 July 2005
13:03Port SaidSeaNews Club materialNew Tariffs in Murmansk Fishery Port
The Federal state unitary enterprise Murmansk Fishery Port increased the tariffs for the oil products storage in the port.
Rating: 589
23 June 2005
17:32seaSeaNews Club materialAppointments at Murmansk Port
Sergey Bebenin was appointed CEO of the State federal unitary enterprise Murmansk Fishery Port. S.Bebenin started as the director of the port w.e.f.
Rating: 741
6 April 2004
13:00seaSeaNews Club materialMurmansk Fishery Port Reconstructs Oil Terminal
State-owned company Murmansk Fishery Port started reconstruction of oil terminal.
Rating: 391
17 October 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialMurmansk Fishery Port Rates Up
October 15, the Federal Energy Commission of the RF set new rates on the loading/unloading and related charges payable at Murmansk fishery seaport, with an up to 25% increase on coastal cargoes and fish, a 13-18% on petroleum products and a 17% on export/import bulk cargoes. The decision was stipulated by the considerable losses the port has incurred in the recent years, the growing costs on the facilities repair and partly by the necessity to raise salaries, as Commission's deputy chairman Andrey Lavrischev told SeaNews. // SeaNews
Rating: 431
14 December 2000
11:00Port SaidSeaNews Club materialMurmansk Fishing Port to Become Free Economic Development Zone
The Murmansk region administration is considering turning the Murmansk fishing port into a free economic development zone.
Rating: 106
7 December 2000
11:00Port SaidSeaNews Club materialMurmansk Port Increase Throughput
The Murmansk commercial port throughput in the 11 months of 2000 handled 7,567,000 tons.
Rating: 114
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