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27 July 2007
09:18seaSeaNews Club materialVladivostok Fishery Port Purchased New Discharging Equipment
According to the marketing service of Vladivostok Sea Fishery Port, JSC, in July of the current year the port bought a new loader and a reach stacker of Kalmar of the capacity of 25 tons and 45 tons respectively. Currently the container terminal operates 3 reach stackers and 4 loaders, including the named acquisitions. Besides, in the framework of the modernization program the port put into operation the universal loader of the Finnish Mantsinen Group.
Rating: 1069
6 June 2007
09:50seaSeaNews Club materialFishery Port to Handle Cars
On June 7 the Sea Fishery port and the company Russian transportation lines are going to put a new car terminal into operation in the port of Saint-Petersburg, reports IA Regnum quoting the press-service of the fishery port. The complex to handle cars is built at the berth N1 of the Sea Fishery port.
Rating: 2098
28 May 2007
10:26seaSeaNews Club materialNew Head of Russian Fishery Department
On May 24 of the current year Andrey Krainy appointed the head of the Russian Fishery Department.
Rating: 2464
4 April 2007
15:20seaSeaNews Club materialKaliningrad Sea Fishery Port: 3 Months' Results
The Kaliningrad Sea Fishery Port announced its 3 Months' Results. During the first 3 months of the current year there was handled 880 thousand tons of different types of cargo. Refriged cargo turnover stayed at the same level - about 50-51 thousand tons in the first quarter of 2007. The volume of break bulk mineral fertilizers decreased from 60.5 to 18.5 thousand tons.
Rating: 1058
5 May 2006
16:08seaSeaNews Club materialSovfracht Into Port Business
On May 4 Sovfracht JSC signed an agreement on developing the local fishery port with the Astrakhan Oblast Government and the fishery port itself. Sovfracht intends to invest some 100 mn rubles into the project, quotes RIA Avers Dmitry Purim, Sovfracht MG.
Rating: 1450
30 April 2006
14:21seaSeaNews Club materialKursiu Linija switches terminals
Leading Short sea operator Kursiu Linija has switched its point of operations in the Kaliningrad region.
Rating: 1247
10 December 2005
15:50seaGeneral Info
ORGANIZER: SUPPORTED BY: Federal Customs Service RF Federal Agencyfor Maritime and InlandWater Transport SPONSORS: III INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE "FREIGHT.TECH-2005: MODERN TECHNOLOGIES FOR FREIGHT INDUSTRY" Welcome to the Conference photo gallery! On November 24-25, 2005, SeaNews Information&Consulting held in St.
Rating: 6829
13 September 2005
16:30seaSeaNews Club materialWar of Petersburg Fishery Port
Petersburg Fishery Port Ltd operating in the Big port of St.Petersburg was de-energized, Eduard Sergeev, the president of the port told SeaNews. According to him, Fish Processing Plant N1 de-energized the port.
Rating: 944
25 June 2005
ORGANIZER: SUPPORT: Federal Customs Service RF Federal Agencyfor Maritime and InlandWater Transport SPONSORS: GENERAL MEDIA PARTNER: On 2-3 June 2005 in St.Petersburg there was held the II International Conference "FREIGHT-2005: Container transportation in Russia and CIS" Welcome to the Conference photo gallery! On 2-3 June 2005 the SeaNews Information&Consulting held the II International Conference "FREIGHT-2005: Container transportation in Russia and CIS".
Rating: 10038
17 November 2004
12:49seaSeaNews Club materialCustoms Department in Vladivostok Fishery Port
Vladivostok Sea Fishery Port JSC has formed a customs clearance department, reports the press service of the company. Since November 17 the department has started to render services on cargo and ships customs clearance and well as give consultations on the customs legislation.
Rating: 432
28 September 2004
13:27seaSeaNews Club materialFESCo to Open New Line
Far Eastern Shipping Company JSC is to launch a new container line between Vladivostok and Magadan on October 11 2004 within the framework of container traffic development between Russian ports in the Far East. According to the press service of the company, the 320 TEU container vessel Captain Sergievsky will operate the line twice a month.
Rating: 361
3 August 2004
11:48seaSeaNews Club materialVladivostok Sea Fishery Port Sold
The Russian federal property fund has announced the result of the auction held to sell the state owned share in Vladivostok Fishery Port JSC.
Rating: 296
9 July 2004
18:49seaSeaNews Club materialISPS-certified Port Facilities in Russia
Arkhangelsk: Sawn wood terminal "Profit" LTD; Bakaritsa Transshipment terminal Commercial Sea Port of Arkhangelsk; General cargoes terminal of "Economia" Transshipment area Commercial Sea Port of Arkhangelsk; Container terminal of "Economia" Transshipment area Commercial Sea Port of Arkhangelsk; Levy Bereg terminal of "Bakaritsa" Transshipment area Commercial Sea Port of Arkhangelsk; Lesnoi prichal OJSC "Lesozawod-2"; Bulk cargoes port facility "Lesnoi prichal" OJSC "North timber industrial company Lesozavod # 3"; Bulk cargoes port facility "Arkhangelsky sawmill and woodworking complex # 3"; Bulk cargoes port facility "Solombalsky sawmill and woodworking complex"; Bulk cargoes port facility "Lesozavod 25" Maymaksansky section; Bulk cargoes port facility "Lesozavod 25" Tsyglomensky section; Astrakhan: Distributive terminal "Astrakhansky" "LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhsknefteproduct" LTD (tank farm # 3); Distributive terminal "Astrakhansky" "LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhsknefteproduct" LTD (tank farm # 5); Buzan-Port; Dudinka: Trans-Polar Branch of JSC "GMK Norilsk Nickel"; Kaliningrad: General cargoes terminal "Lukoil-Kaliningradmorneft" LTD; GRES-2 OJSC "Yantarenergo"; Oil-loading terminal "Lukoil-Kaliningradmorneft" LTD; Baltic terminal LTD; JSC "Kaliningrad Commercial Sea Port"; Kaliningrad Port Oil Base; Kandalaksha: Anchorage area of the Sea commercial port Kandalaksha; Magadan: OJSC "Commercial Sea Port of Magadan"; Murmansk: Mineral fertilizers transloading terminal JSC "Agrosphera"; Bulk and general cargoes terminal JSC "Murmansk Commercial Sea Port"; Oil terminal "Belokamenka"; Apatite terminal JSC "Murmansk Commercial Sea Port"; Anchorage area on the water area of Murmansk Commercial Sea Port; Anchorage area Murmansk Sea Port; Offshore transloading complex "Lavna" OJSC "Murmansk Shipping Company"; Nakhodka: OJSC "Nakhodka fish port"; Transloading terminal JSC "Dalmormontazh"; Trans-shipping complex "Lesnoi terminal" LTD; OJSC "Nefteport"; Nikolaevsk-on-Amur: Timber-handling complex OJSC "Nikolaevsk-on-Amur sea port"; Timber-handling complex JSC "Nikolaevsk-on-Amur remontno-expluatatsionnaya baza flota"; Novorossiysk: Novorossisk Junction and Forward Enterprise; Oil terminal "Sheskharis" OJSC "Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port"; Bulked and general cargoes terminal OJSC "Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port"; Oil terminal OJSC "Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port"; Sea Geologic Port; Novorossiysk Ship Repair Plant; Terminal for general bulked and liqiud cargoes OJSC "Stroykomplekt"; Transloading complex of JSC "Novoroslesexport"; Main transloading complex Eastern Central Western cargo docks of OJSC "Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port"; Oil terminal JSC "Caspian Pipeline Consortium - R"; Onega: Specialised berth for saw-timber loading OJSC "Onega sawmill and woodworking complex"; Primorsk: Specialised sea bulk-oil port PRIMORSK LTD; Slavyanka: Slavyansky Timber Terminal LTD; Transloading terminal OJSC "Slavyanka Ship Repair Plant"; Agricultural producers' co-operative fishing enterprise kolkhoz "Prostor"; Sochi: Cargo-and-passenger terminal OJSC "Sochi Commercial Sea Port"; Sovetskaya Gavan: Nord LTD; Joint Russian-American enterprise "Sovgavan-Port" LTD; St.
Rating: 2034
15 April 2004
17:01seaSeaNews Club materialAppointments in Kaliningrad Sea Fishery Port
Vladimer Kalinichenko was appointed acting CEO of Kaliningrad sea fishery port since April 16, 2004.
Rating: 444
12 April 2004
14:02seaSeaNews Club materialScrap Metal Export to China
Currently the Russian governmental Decree on limitation of number of places for scrap metals exporting from Russia.
Rating: 346
13 February 2004
13:08seaSeaNews Club materialFerry Transportation in Black Sea
Russian Kerchenskiy Most JSC delivered ferry "Yuriy Dolgorukiy" to Kerchenskiy sea fishery port.
Rating: 684
21 October 2003
16:11seaSeaNews Club materialGas Condensate Terminal for Kerch Sea Fishery Port
The gas condensate terminal is being constructed at Kerch sea fishery port.
Rating: 682
18 August 2003
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialThroughput of Kaliningrad
During the 7 months of 2003, the port operators at Kalininigrad jointly handled 7,093.5 thousand tons, which is a 26.8% plus over the 7 months 2002 results.
Rating: 422
19 November 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialBig Port of St. Petersburg 10 Months Throughput
According to the St.
Rating: 1316
22 October 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialRevision of Russian Merchant Shipping Code
The State Duma is to consider the draft federal law on Amendments to Item 2 Article 9 of the Russian Merchant Shipping Code.
Rating: 397
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