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29 September 2010
16:00CPCSeaNews Club materialShareholders Agree on CPC Expansion Schedule
Rating: 298
27 May 2010
15:05Oil&GasSeaNews Club materialCPC AGM Results
Rating: 252
18 October 2007
15:02cargo handlingSeaNews Club materialOil-Bulk Cargo Turnover in Russian Ports of Azov and Black Sea Region
Rating: 365
11:14CPCSeaNews Club materialCPC-K Board of Directors Is Elected
Rating: 381
8 August 2007
12:11projectsSeaNews Club materialGreat Volume, Insignificant Growth
Rating: 436
10 May 2007
09:16CPCSeaNews Club materialDebts of Caspian Pipeline Consortium to Be Paid off by 2014
The RF Ministry of industry and energy has prepared some measures to pay off debts of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium by the year of 2014.
Rating: 1536
23 March 2007
10:14NovorossiyskSeaNews Club materialGail Warning in Novorossiysk
On March, 22 from 7.50pm the gale warning was announced at Novorossiysk. The North-East wind is 18-23 m per second with blasts up to 23-28 m per second. The terminal Sheskaris stopped mooring till the weather improved.
Rating: 1776
21 February 2007
15:00seaSeaNews Club materialLakshmi Mittal to Caspian Pipeline Consortium
Indian Cosortium ONGC/Mittal (OMEL) intends to purchase the share of the sultanate Oman in the Caspian Pipeline and the right to investigate the carbohydrates fields on the Kazakh shelf of the Caspian Sea, reported RBK daily.
Rating: 616
30 January 2007
11:45NovorossiyskSeaNews Club materialStorm Stops Oil Operations at Novorossiysk
Since 08.45 local time January 29 a gale warning was announced in Novorossiysk.
Rating: 1160
20 October 2006
11:15projectsSeaNews Club materialNYK Links CPC Deal
NYK has formally signed a deal with Taiwan's Chinese Petroleum Corp (CPC) for the charter of four LNG carriers for up to 25 years.
Rating: 541
11 September 2006
17:27seaSeaNews Club materialCPC Charged with Tax Evasion
The shareholders of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) are to convene a special shareholders meeting on September 29 to discuss further actions in view of Russian Federal Tax Service claims for R4.7 billion and also the question of capacity expansion.
Rating: 1373
4 August 2006
12:37projectsSeaNews Club materialCPC Expansion Worth $1 Bn
Caspian Pipeline Consortium intends to invest over $1 bn into their Expansion Project, told Vladimir Razdukhov, new CPC CEO, during his meeting with Alexander Remezkov, senior vice governor of Krasnodar Kray. The project envisages building 10 oil pumping stations along the pipeline route (two of them on the territory of Krasnodar Kray), expanding the pipeline capacity up to 67 mn tons per annum. All this is expected to increase the annual profit subject to taxation of $700 mn.
Rating: 1042
1 August 2006
22:00projectsSeaNews Club materialCPC Traffic 1.7% Up
In January-July 2006 the terminal of Caspian Pipeline Consortium near Novorossiysk handled 17.9 mn tons of crude, which is a 1.7% plus over the same period of 2005. In July 206 the terminal handled 2.76 mn tons, which is a 6.58% plus over July 2005. CPC is the first large pipeline project on the FSU territory where private investors take part.
Rating: 841
11 July 2006
16:25seaSeaNews Club materialSovcomflot and Shevron Signed MoU (Photo report)
Talks between the top management of Sovcomflot and the top management of Chevron Shipping Company LLC took place at Sovcomflot Moscow office on 11 July 2006.
Rating: 1574
2 May 2006
15:21throughputSeaNews Club materialCPC Volumes Down
The Caspian Pipeline Consortium's terminal off Novorissiysk decreased handling volumes in January-April 2006 by 2.7% year-on-year to 9.85 mn tons. Last year the terminal handled 10.12 mn tons during the first 4 months of the year.
Rating: 792
26 April 2006
17:53CPCSeaNews Club materialNew CEO of CPC
Rating: 776
20 April 2006
13:53CPCSeaNews Club materialReregistration of CPC-K
On March 23, 2006 CPC-K held AGM where it was decided to rename the Caspian Pipeline Concortium-K close corporation into Caspian Pipeline Concortium-K joint-stock company. The new registration certificate was given on April 10, 2006.
Rating: 583
30 January 2006
19:17seaSeaNews Club materialNovorossiysk Crude Exports Stayed Low
Crude oil exports from Russia's key Black Sea port of Novorossiysk stayed well below a million tonnes last week as the port stayed mostly shut for eight days.
Rating: 491
24 January 2006
16:06seaSeaNews Club materialCPC Stopped Unloading Tankers
4 days later CPC terminal stopped unloading tankers because of the unfavorable weather conditions and the heavy storm. It was planned to renew operations today however the low visibility and the low temperatures did not allow to carry unloading operations.
Rating: 454
23 January 2006
19:07seaSeaNews Club materialNovorossiysk Port Crude Oil Exports Down
Crude oil exports from Russia's key Black Sea port of Novorossiisk slumped last week as stormy weather forced the closure of the terminal for several days.
Rating: 415
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