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26 October 2006
12:37Saint-PetersburgSeaNews Club materialRussia WTO Accession May Be Put on Hold
Russia's negotiations with the United States over its accession to the World Trade Organization may have to be suspended for at least two years, a deputy head of the Carnegie Moscow Center think-tank said Friday.
Rating: 856
15 June 2005
16:00Port SaidSeaNews Club materialSeaNews Weekly No 92
The new issue of SeaNews Weekly 92 (06/14/2005) contains: PORT STATISTICS Kaliningrad port operations in January-May 2005; Leningrad oblast ports cargo turnover in 5 months of 2005; Astrakhan transport hub cargo turnover in January-May 2005. RAILWAY: Ukraine.
Rating: 588
8 December 2004
12:06containerSeaNews Club materialSeaNews Weekly No 69
The following information will be available in the next issue of SeaNews Weekly No 69 analytical bulletin: Port statistics - Petersburg port stevedores post results for the 11 months; - Cargo handling in the ports of Leningradskaya Oblast: 11 months' results; - Kaliningrad port stevedores post results for the 11 months of 2004; Interview "Cargoes are coming back to the North-West".
Rating: 1234
18 July 2004
14:31seaPhoto gallery (page 1)
Ivan Krasulenko (Baltic customs, Head) Representative of Lenmorniiproject taking part in a discussion Vladimir Ashurkov (TransCare Russia), Igor Rusu (National Container Company) Petras Kubulius (Sea Express) addresses with a question to the lecturer Valentin Orikhivskiy (Latvian railways) and Irina Zinkina (SeaNews) Pavel Lagov asking a question (Transsiberian Intermodal Service) Delegation of Tel-Aviv University Valentin Orikhivskiy (Latvian railways) and Olga Litvinova (Ernst & Young (CIS) Limited) Andrey Boldyrev (RF State Customs Committee), Andrey Katkov (RZD-Partner) Conference participants Delegation of Novoroslesexport JSC In a break between sessions (Andrey Samsonov, Evgeny Fomin, Dmitry Krasovsky, SeaData) Business negotiations - Valery Malkov, Victor Ivanov (Voskhod), Vladimir Shumilov (Morskoy Express) Dialogue in the lobby Pyotr Stepanenko (Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port), Georgy Antonian (Novoroslesexport JSC), Dmitry Bolotov (Importpischeprom) During a break Anton Kolganov (Rosmorport) at the stand of the information sponsor Pyotr Stepanenko (NCSP), Pavel Vyazovtsev (IT.
Rating: 10141
1 January 2004
11:00seaGeneral Information
ORGANIZER: SUPPORT: Mintrans RF RF State Customs Committee Russian CommercialPorts Association Modern Technology for Freight Industry - 2003 Press-Release The first conference "Modern Technology for Freight Industry - 2003" supported by the RF Ministry of Transport, RF State Customs Committee and Russian Commercial Ports Association held in St.Petersburg in Grand-Hotel Europe closed on November 28, 2003.
Rating: 9662
18 August 2003
11:00seaFCT Comments on New Rules
Dear Editor! I would like to address to you with my earnest request to publish the following comments to the interview of the commercial director of FCT Mr.
Rating: 2851
12 August 2003
11:00seaOn FCT New Procedures
Dear Editor, SeaNews has recently published an interview with Alexander Svetlichny of the Fist Container Terminal regarding the application of the new procedures. We are concerned as some of the information published is misleading, and would like to state the following: 1. The interview states that five free storage days is enough to register cargo at customs.
Rating: 2909
7 August 2003
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialSeaNews Weekly No.5
In the current issue of SeaNews Weekly bulletin you may read: Novorossyisk Commercial Sea Port: growth suspended Interview with the NCSP GM Vladimir Kovbasiuk Ukraine: Port Dues Down Ports dues at some ports of Ukraine reduced by 50% and more Ports Packages on Sale State is selling its share in 3 largest ports of the RF Tariff 10-01 has been published Unification is going to be completed by the end of summer First Container terminal in the 7 months 2003 Container throughput decreased by 15%, and some experts expect the volumes will keep going down. New customs rules New rules for import registration are to stimulate international cooperation - and import. National Container Company to operate container terminal in Vladivostok The new terminal being set up in the port of Vladivostok will be operated by NCC, which already owns a share in Vostochny. To subscrivbe to SeaNews Weekly bulletin please contact us at at info@seanews.ru or at +7(812)3803826
Rating: 347
31 July 2003
14:06seaSeaNews Club materialFCT New Procedures: The Market Participants Will Appreciate
Interview with Alexander Svetlichniy, commercial manager of the First Container Terminal Mr.
Rating: 1448
3 June 2003
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialNew Customs Technologies for Port Handled Containers
An interview with Lieutenant-General Anatoly V.
Rating: 2475
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialNew Customs Technologies for Port Handled Containers
The Head Customs Control Organization department of the RF State Customs Committe has developed a draft agreement between the Committee and a container line on information exchange. Details of the project as well as other customs' initiatives in concerning the clearance of port handled cargo are subject of the interview given by Lieutenant-General Anatoly V.
Rating: 584
16 May 2003
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialNCC: Our Task to Provide Conditions for Developing Container Business in Russia
An interview with Vladimir L.
Rating: 2874
5 December 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialOktyabrskaya Railway Looks to Containers
An interview with Yevgeny I.
Rating: 2278
12 August 2002
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialRussian Carriers Should Serve Russian Shippers
An interview with Vyacheslav V.
Rating: 3664
17 May 2002
11:00customsSeaNews Club materialIT in Customs Clearance Process
Since July 2002 electronic declaration will be introduced in an experimental mode at two checkpoints of the Privolzhie Customs Administration, told SeaNews Lieutenant-General Anatoly V.
Rating: 256
24 April 2002
11:00customsSeaNews Club materialCustoms is an Instrument of the State
The customs bodies as such do not control foreign trade, they act as an instrument of the state, told SeaNews Lieutenant-General Anatoly V.
Rating: 223
7 March 2001
11:00containerSeaNews Club materialRussian Customs as Suomis Best Benefactor
The events that took place within the last two weeks are enough to convince an average Finn that the Russian Customs has no worries other than ensuring his or her well-being. The first step taken in this direction was the decision of the ASMAP (Russian Association of International Autocarriers) on barring over 340 Russian trucks from the Northwest region that served the Finland Russia freight transportation market the decision was pressed on the ASMAP by the Customs.
Rating: 2924
12 February 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialBaltic Customs Entering 21st Century
Todays SeaNews INTERVIEWS section features the interview with A.M.Puchkov, Major-General of customs service, Head of the Baltic Customs, Northwest Customs Administration.
Rating: 98
6 February 2001
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialThe ports of the Ukraine: Results and Perspectives
Interview of a SeaNews correspondent with Nikolay Dmitrishin, the main expert of the department on coordination of enterprises of the State Department of Sea and River Transport of the Ukraine. With what results did the Ukraine enter the millennium? The ports have worked even better than we expected.
Rating: 932
27 December 2000
11:00seaSeaNews Club materialSea Express Summing Up the Past Year
The Sea Express Company was founded in 1995 to render the agent services.
Rating: 900
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