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31 August 2007
13:07Saint-PetersburgSeaNews Club materialAutoVaZ to Turn to Petersburg, GEFCO to Estonia
Rating: 506
24 July 2007
10:29Port SaidSeaNews Club materialCargo Turnover of Port of Sillamae
By July, 23 the total cargo turnover of the port of Sillamae reached the point of 1 mn tons, reports the marketing department of the port. There was handled 1 014 805 tons of cargo from the beginning of the year.
Rating: 1112
28 May 2007
11:55Port SaidSeaNews Club materialAppointments in Port Vyborgsky, LTD
The Group Oslo Marine has officially announced that Vladimir Ivanov appointed general director of the port of Vyborg. Before the appointment S.Ivanov was the deputy director of Sillamae Oil Terminal in Estonia.
Rating: 2159
9 March 2007
13:49Port SaidSeaNews Club materialSeverstaltrans to Build Manufacture in Estonia
According to the Estonian media Eesti Paevaleht, Severstaltrans is planning to build a car manufacturing plant in Estonia to assemble jeeps using components produced in China.
Rating: 1692
9 February 2007
11:17Port SaidSeaNews Club materialThroughput at Sillamae
In January this year the new Estonian port of Sillamae handled 90.t thousand tons of cargo. Oil products volume amounted to 52.989 thousand tons, shale oil - to 4.64 thousand tons, chemicals - to 12.776 thousand tons, general cargo - to 12.927 thousand tons.
Rating: 1218
12 January 2007
11:18KaliningradSeaNews Club materialAkron Acquires New Terminal
On January 11 Dorogobuzh, a subsidiary of the Russian mineral fertilizers holding Akron, announced the acquisition of 100% in Andrex, the owner of dry mineral fertilizers terminal in Kaliningrad. The deal was closed on December 29.
Rating: 1208
15 December 2006
12:16Port SaidSeaNews Club materialEuroHim's New Terminal - Photo Report
As SeaNews already reported, on December 6 2006 the mineral and chemical production manufacturer EuroHim launched the new terminal which is to be operated by TankChem Company, the subsidiary of EuroHim in the port of Sillamae, Estonia.
Rating: 1117
7 December 2006
10:15Port SaidSeaNews Club materialEuroHim Launched Terminal in Estonia
On December 6 2006 the mineral and chemical production manufacturer EuroHim launched the new terminal which is to be operated by TankChem Company, the subsidiary of EuroHim in the port of Sillamae, Estonia.
Rating: 1251
5 December 2006
15:16Port SaidSeaNews Club materialEuroHim Opens Terminal in Estonia
On December 6 2006 the mineral and chemical production manufacturer EuroHim launches the new terminal "Tankhem" in the port of Sillamae, Estonia.
Rating: 841
3 December 2006
AB DFDS LISCO Alexey Slipenciuk, Linear Manager Administraton of Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg Vladimir Molchanov, Deputy Head Admiral, Logistics group Yuri Saulidi, CEO APL CIS Ltd.
Rating: 5784
17 November 2006
14:01Port SaidSeaNews Club materialNew Pier at Sillamae
14 November 2006 at Sillamae the first stone of a new pier was officially laid in the western part of the port.
Rating: 756
16 October 2006
16:51seaSeaNews Club materialTanker Linked To Toxic Discharge Is Free
A chemical tanker linked to a deadly toxic waste discharge in Ivory Coast is free to leave Estonia after emptying its tanks at a disposal center in the Baltic nation, news reports said Monday, reports Associated Press. Prosecutors gave the Probo Koala permission to set sail after the ship was held for nearly three weeks at the port of Paldiski. Estonia opened a criminal investigation on suspicions that the tanker was planning to dump toxic slops into the Baltic Sea port without permission.
Rating: 655
10 October 2006
10:51seaSeaNews Club materialNew Feeder Service From Kotka
Newly established Yellow Star Line will in November start a new liner service, connecting Kotka with Hamburg and Bremerhaven.
Rating: 829
16 May 2006
16:39seaSeaNews Club materialGrowing Interest in Container Handling
The number of containers handled in Muuga Container Terminal is increasing sharply, but the terminals share of the total container traffic passing through ports along the Baltic east coast is relatively small.
Rating: 1106
21 March 2006
18:07SillamaeSeaNews Club materialRegular Traffic Sillamae - Kotka
On March 21 Narva Line (subsidiary of Saaremaa Laevakompanii) launched the regular traffic on the Sillamae - Kotka route. Initially the ferry will transport only cargo, but since summer - passengers as well. 158 meters long, 21.6 meters wide ferry "Vironia" (previously owned by Silja Line) will be deployed at the line.
Rating: 897
27 January 2006
16:51Port SaidSeaNews Club materialAppointments at Sillamae
Nikolay Vader appointed new Chairman of Sillamae Oil Terminal, the operator of the bulk oil terminal in the port. This decision was made on January 21, 2006 during the Company Board Meeting.
Rating: 828
12 January 2006
14:31seaSeaNews Club materialSaaremaa Shipping to Launch Route
Estonia's Saaremaa Shipping is to begin sailing the new Kotka - Sillamae route between Finland and Estonia in early February.
Rating: 962
16 December 2005
14:52Port SaidSeaNews Club materialEuroHim to Build Bulker Terminal
EuroHim plans to build the bulker terminal in Tuapse to handle chemical fertilizers.
Rating: 1273
8 November 2005
16:42Port SaidSeaNews Club materialEuroHim to Start Handling in Sillamae Port in Q1 2006
In Q1 2006 the mineral and chemical production manufacturer EuroHim will launch the new terminal in the port of Sillamae, Estonia.
Rating: 860
24 October 2005
17:17Port SaidSeaNews Club materialNew Check Point
One more checkpoint is to be built at the Russian - Estonian border, Pavel Korchazhkin, head of the North-Western Customs told SeaNews. In connection with the launching of the Estonian port Sillamae 20 kilometers off the Russian border, the load onto the nearby checkpoint in Ivangorod is expected to be increased sharply.
Rating: 592
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